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Yet another test.


Here is my latest testing which is doing pretty good for the past 2 days.

I start with the following STATES :

Md , Mich ,  NJ , NY , SC , and VA.

I then find the 3 hot and 3 cold numbers for each State.

There are your 6 numbers to be concerned with.

I'm using the mid day stats because the night stats didnt do too well yesterday but there were 4 box hits at night from the day numbers.

From the 6 numbers in each State listed , I wheel the first State , then on down to the last State .

I save them into Word Perfect.

From there I copy them and then paste them into the pick 3 deflate system here on LP.

Then I use the filters there to eliminate some of them

This is what todays list looked like from Step 1.  Red = Hot  / Blue = Cold

MD      204        135

Mich    527          403

NJ        954          238

NY      015          938

SC      301          257

VA      348          576

Cant just use each State but if you combine all the States then deflate the list, it is working pretty good.  For instance NJ today came from the hot and cold numbers of SC . 127 , a str hit.  Mich numbers came from the hot and cold list from Mich as a box hit 473  (743 was on the deflate list.

Haven't figured out doubles yet.

Entry #4


BlackieComment by Blackie - July 11, 2005, 11:50 pm
Forgot to mention , I go back 10 draws.
lottalootComment by lottaloot - July 15, 2005, 9:28 pm
Thanks for explaining this Blackie. Makes a lot of sense to me. :)
BlackieComment by Blackie - July 17, 2005, 3:20 pm
Your welcome Lottaloot . I have added Ohio numbers (hot and cold to the first steps) , Ohio doesn't do well in Ohio but the hot and cold help for other states. Please remember to use only the mid day 6 hot and cold numbers. Combine them with the other states which will give about 140 numbers sometimes then deflate them and take out repeat numbers. I hope it helps.

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