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Swine Flu, 2 articles, several links


Last Edited: April 27, 2009, 9:51 am

Via Steve Quayle, Q-factor news.



April 24, 2009
Herald Sun, Australia

"Seven people have been diagnosed with a strange and unusual new kind of swine flu in California and Texas, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

Photo: A man sprays disinfectant on a truckload of live pigs in an effort to control an outbreak of what is believed to be human 'swine flu.' (Frederic J. Brown / AFP - Getty Images)

All seven people have recovered but the virus itself is a never-before-seen mixture of viruses typical among pigs, birds and humans, the CDC said.

"We are likely to find more cases," the CDC's Dr Anne Schuchat said.

"We don't think this is time for major concern around the country."

However, some experts fear this strain, or another strain, could spark a pandemic that could kill millions.

Strange mixture

Unusually, the viruses all appear to carry genes from swine flu, avian flu and human flu viruses from North America, Europe and Asia.

"We haven't seen this strain before, but we hadn't been looking as intensively as we have," Dr Schuchat said.

"It's very possible that this is something new that hasn't been happening before."

The CDC reported the new strain of swine flu on Tuesday in two boys from California's two southernmost counties.

Now, five more cases have been seen - all found via normal surveillance for seasonal influenza.

None of the patients, whose symptoms closely resembled seasonal flu, had any direct contact with pigs.

Human-to-human spread

"We believe at this point that human-to-human spread is occurring," Dr Schuchat said.

"That's unusual. We don't know yet how widely it is spreading.

"We are also working with international partners to understand what is occurring in other parts of the world."

Two of the new cases were among 16-year-olds at the same school in San Antonio "and there's a father-daughter pair in California," Dr Schuchat said.

Surveillance for and scrutiny of influenza has been stepped up since 2003, when highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza reappeared in Asia.

H5N1 currently only rarely infects people but has killed 257 out of 421 infected in 15 countries since 2003, according to the World Health Organisation.

The influenza strain is an H1N1, the same family as one of the seasonal flu viruses now circulating.

Undetectable at home

Now that the normal influenza season is waning, it may be easier to spot cases of the new swine flu, Dr Schuchat said.

Only one of the seven cases was sick enough to be hospitalised and all have recovered.

"This isn't something that a person could detect at home," she said.

The new cases appear to have somewhat more vomiting and diarrhea than is usually seen in flu, which mostly causes coughing, fever, sore throat and muscle aches."

The CDC is already preparing a vaccine against the new strain. The agency will issue daily updates at http://www.cdc.gov/flu/swin"





April 24, 2009
By Jason Gale and Tom Randall

"Disease trackers are asking U.S. hospitals to help follow a new strain of swine flu and are trying to determine whether it’s related to hundreds of illnesses and 57 deaths in Mexico.

A previously unseen variant of H1N1 swine influenza has sickened at least seven people in California and Texas, the Atlanta-based U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday. The World Health Organization said 57 people died among more than 800 in the Mexico City region who developed flu-like symptoms in the past month.

Global health experts are studying whether the U.S. and Mexico illnesses pose a threat of pandemic, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. U.S. hospitals today were asked to collect samples from patients with flu-like symptoms, said William Schaffner, a flu expert at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee.

“This has a sense of urgency about it,” Schaffner, chief of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt, said in a telephone interview today. “They are asking us who work in hospitals to go to our emergency rooms and our pediatric wards to gather specimens and start testing them.”

Investigators haven’t found a link between the California and Texas cases, indicating the virus may be circulating elsewhere, Schaffner said. CDC disease experts will continue investigating whether the outbreaks have a common source, he said. The agency also will host a conference call today with experts, he said.

Threat of Pandemic

Flu can spread quickly when a new strain emerges, because no one has natural immunity. The so-called 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which may have killed as many as 50 million people, began when an avian flu virus jumped to people, experts said.

“We are taking this very seriously,” Gregory Hartl, spokesman for WHO, the Geneva-based United Nations agency, said in a telephone interview today. “We have to get laboratory confirmation of what it is. We need to know how widespread it is.” The Mexico illnesses are affecting “otherwise healthy adults,” Hartl said.

Pandemic Potential

“The infection of humans with a novel influenza-A virus infection of animal origins, as has happened here, is of concern because of the risk, albeit small, that this could represent the appearance of viruses with pandemic potential,” the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, based in Stockholm, said in a statement.

There’s no evidence a pandemic strain is evolving in the U.S., the European agency said. The CDC reached the same conclusion.

“We don’t think this is a time for major concern,” Anne Schuchat, CDC’s director of respiratory diseases, told reporters on a conference call yesterday.

Authorities in Mexico asked the Public Health Agency of Canada to help identify what’s causing the lung infection that has also spread to five health-care workers, the Ottawa-based agency said in an e-mail yesterday. Mexico Health Minister Jose Cordova canceled classes in Mexico City today and recommended citizens avoid public places.

Canada’s National Microbiology Lab received 51 specimens from Mexico on April 22 and will test them for pathogens. Tests in Mexico found patients had the H1N1 and type-B influenza strains and the parainfluenza virus, the agency said.

Pigs Susceptible

Three main human flu strains -- H3N2, H1N1 and type-B -- cause 250,000 to 500,000 deaths a year globally, according to the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency. Pigs also are susceptible to flu, including the H1N1 subtype.

“It will be critical to determine whether the strains of H1N1 isolated from patients in Mexico are also swine flu,” Donald Low, an infectious diseases specialist at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, told the Canadian Press.

The CDC is discussing its cases and viruses with Mexico and the Pan American Health Organization, Schuchat said.

“At this point, we do not have any confirmation of swine influenza in Mexico,” Schuchat said.

Symptoms of the illnesses in Mexico include high fever, headache, eye pain, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue with rapid progression of symptoms to severe respiratory distress in about five days, the Canadian agency said. A “high proportion” of cases require mechanical respiration, it said.

U.S. Sickness

The four males and three females in San Diego County and Imperial County, California, and in San Antonio, diagnosed with swine flu had mild flu-like symptoms. The patients, 9 to 54 years old, included a father-daughter pair and two boys attending the same Texas school.

The virus is contagious and spreading from human to human, the CDC said in a statement on its Web site. The patients began feeling sick from March 28 to April 19. All have recovered and only one was hospitalized, according to the CDC. None had direct contact with pigs.

“That’s unusual,” Schuchat said. “We don’t know yet how widely it’s spreading and we certainly don’t know the extent of the problem.”

As precaution, CDC is preparing the virus as a vaccine seed strain that could be used to make immunizations, she said.

The swine flu virus contains four different gene segments representing both North American swine and avian influenza, human flu and a Eurasian swine flu, CDC said.

Not Seen Before

“We haven’t seen this strain before, but we haven’t been looking as intensively as we are these days,” Schuchat said. “It’s very possible that this is something new that hasn’t been happening before.”

Swine influenza is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type-A influenza that regularly causes outbreaks among the animals, according to the CDC. Swine flu doesn’t normally infect people, though human infections do occur and cases of human-to- human spread of swine flu viruses have been documented.

Infection in pigs is regarded as especially problematic because of the risk of “reassortment” to produce a new virus, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said.

“These mild U.S. cases infected with a novel influenza are not reflecting the emergence of a pandemic strain, but they at least raise the possibility that there has been limited human- to-human transmission,” the health agency said."



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KaptainessComment by Kaptainess - April 27, 2009, 12:41 pm
As I said, I been tracking this problem for 3+ years. Its coming. 50 Million people died the last time we had a problem like this. It was before modern medicine miracles, but there are people dying now and it is only the begining.


The CDC is waiting until Friday to make a determination as to how serious they will take this outbreak. They may make recommendations that we stock up on essentials and stay home. Huh? But as I said, they will make this decision by Friday.

What should we do? Pray.   What should you do if they want to shut everything down for a period of time?   Stock up on your meds, water, canned goods, toilet paper, tissues, and anything you think you might need for awhile.
If this hits hard we won't be able to bury our dead, there will be no running water, no electricity, no trash collections, nada.   I was told we will be on our own.   If it hits bad - its going to be really bad with crimes.   Hospital workers will get the meds first. I already keep a supply of the meds in my safe for this flu. Yes, the same safe that holds my gun.   

I pray that it doesn't get as bad as it seems, but it made the jump from animals to humans, and human to human which they feared most. That was what I was keeping an eye out for the human to human transfer. Now that its here we are in trouble.
konaneComment by konane - April 27, 2009, 1:29 pm
Thanks Kaptainess!!! I read some of the survivalist info which said advising to mask up in crowds, one said the N-95 respirator with exhale valve series is a good one to have in the event of pandemic. Good old chlorine laundry bleach is a good disinfectant, not for all surfaces but great for counter tops if rinsed well.

There were similar warnings about Hong Kong flu in the 60's, people were dying from it. Not sure its origins because they didn't have the sophistication to detect types like they do now. Believe they said Hong Kong was like the 1918 flu, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Been trying to keep tabs on the bird flu and its containment mostly in Asia, but swine origin a complete surprise. They're saying in addition to aches, pains, congestion this one causes diarrhea and vomiting. Sports drinks, Pedialyte or similar electrolyte drink prudent to have onhand. Plain steamed rice is good as first food after sick stomach, well tolerated by most .... has worked well for me.
TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - April 27, 2009, 5:35 pm
Remember last month news of flu virus "accidently" put live into vacines and sent "accidently" to 19 locations? One or two articles on that was on infowars dot com. This would explain the mass graves being dug, see YouTube videos. Don't take their vaccines!!!
konaneComment by konane - April 27, 2009, 9:13 pm
Thanks TigerAngel!! Was the virus live or modified-live? A lot of modified-live vaccines are used in animal immunizations. Also understand some of the polio vaccine way back in the 50's was at least modified live. We all had enough polio immunizations back then to be good to go for several lifetimes.

However, on the flip side the quasi-conspiracy theorist in me finds this pandemic timing as 'very interesting'.
jarasanComment by jarasan - April 27, 2009, 10:20 pm
And most importantly don't go to Mexico.   The virus is a combo virus.
konaneComment by konane - April 29, 2009, 12:14 am
Thanks Jarasan!! Yep is is a combo virus. Nightline showed the "first kid" to get sick with the virus, lived in Mexico very close to a mega pig farm. Not sure I'm partaking of this spoon feeding of 'we've got all the answers'.

In addition to what Kaptainess said "WASH YOUR HANDS - TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF AT THE DOOR"


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