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Say Good Night Gracie


From 1997 until 2006, I made many business trips to Las Vegas to teachOracle software classes. On several occasions, I took my wife Carole.

Sheenjoyed playing the penny, nickel, and quarter slots during the day,and we both appreciated a wonderful meal at night, and once in a greatwhile a show. However, the shows in Las Vegas are very expensive. Mostshows are around $100 a ticket, and sometimes more.

On severalof my first few trips to Las Vegas, I asked my students who were fromLas Vegas, if they could recommend any great shows. That is where Ifirst heard of DANNY GANNS.

One of my students related thatDanny was the number one entertainer in Las Vegas, and had been everyyear he had been there. He also stated that Danny was a family man, andhis show was geared for the entire family.  He even had a disagreementwith the first casino he performed at. He was upset at the casinoraising their ticket prices for his performances. I believe he left hisfirst casino because of the ticket price issue.

While performingat his second casino, the Mirage?, he had the casino drastically reduceticket prices for some of his performances so local Las Vegas familiescould afford to see him. So, that student planted a seed that day forme. I wanted to see this man perform.

Each trip we madetogether, I would ask Carole if she would get tickets for one ofDanny's performances while we were there. Each time she was told hisperformances were sold out for the next year. After this occurred onthe third or fourth time, I gave up.

Then, on one trip, one ofmy students suggested we go a couple of hours before the show and getin the "stand by line". I never knew such a thing even existed. So,after teaching Oracle one day, Carole and I had dinner and got in the"stand by line" which grew very quickly. Everyone is assigned a number.We were numbers forty and forty-one. Carole was saying we'd get in, andI was thinking double-bogey time.

Well, we got in. We might havebeen the last couple to make it, but we did. Danny's show was handsdown the very best show I have ever seen! He danced, sang, but hisgreatest gift from God was his impersonations. We had seen severalother impersonators and they were all good. But Danny was superb! Danny's impersonation of George Burns brought tears to my eyes. I'mjust very emotional at times - particularly when I have been blessed bygreatness like Danny Ganns. Or, playing golf with my friend Walter lastweek when he very nearly shot his age.

At the end of hisperformance, he talked to his audience explaining how he got to LasVegas. He told how very much he loved his family and entertaining, buthe hated the travel and did not know what to do. I believe he mighthave lived in Los Angeles. He went on to tell how he prayed and prayedto God that he would show him what to do. He then told us how God veryquickly answered his prayers, by providing an opportunity to perform inLas Vegas. So, naturally, he accepted the offer and here he was.

Ashe talked, you could sense and almost feel the love he had for God andhis own family. Then, he told us his father was in the audience. He wasup in years - maybe even older than ninety. As his father stood up, weall started to applaud. The applause got louder and louder, and finallywe all stood to our feet in honor of two wonderful men. One, forraising his son to turn out to be such a good man, and for Danny Ganns.

Dannynever used profanity or leudness in any of his performances. He broughtjoy and laughter to all of us fortunate enough to have seen him.

Lastweek, while in Las Vegas for a legal matter, I asked my attorney if hehad ever seen one of Danny's performances. I don't believe he had. Ihope some of you had the same opportunity that Carole and I had thatnight.

I heard last night, Friday May 1,2009, that Danny Ganns passed away. He was performing at the new Wynn casino.

Now, he is performing personally for our creator, George, and Gracie in heaven.
Saygood night Gracie. OK George, but before I do there is something I'dlike to say to Danny. Danny, I want to thank you for honoring myhusband all those years you performed in Las Vegas. I can't tell youhow much George and I laughed up here. Many people believe yourimpersonation of my husband was better than even George himself coulddo.

Good night George.

Good night everyone.

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TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - May 4, 2009, 3:52 pm
Interesting. Once it was revealed to me that my boyfriend explained to one of his friends that "I was Gracie". I didn't take offence because another time I was discribed as Loren Becall. Go figure.

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