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Just an Idea...Can be taken a Step further


Last Edited: May 3, 2009, 11:57 pm

Just an Idea to the Military Disabilty: They may frown on this but i was thinking, how many people with military disability are there in the USA? tens of Millions so i was thinking if they took 10 dollars, no more but 10 dollars from each military disabled person who has 100% and getting 2,200 a month then it will take 230 disabled people to make up 1 disabled person with 100% [getting 2,200/month] so out of the tens of millions divided by 230 it will equal? A LARGE NUMBER...I call this, military disabled people looking out for other military disabled people....For instance, 10 million 100% disabled people getting 2,200 a month and whom 10 dollars are taken out individually divided by 230 = 43,478 people getting 100% or 2,200 dollars a month, just by all members contributing 10 dollar a month every month...10 dollars per month out of their disability paycheck...10 dollars abuebao...LOL...With 2,200 100% disability this people can either have it, or serve as volunteers for the disability administration or other disabled military people i am talking about people that do not have to have 100% disability can get this jobs.....Remember 43,478 = 10 dollars...LOL...And tell me what's the problem if you get 2,190 instead of 2,200....10 dollars....And this gave me an idea, what if they did this with other professions...LOL...
put it another way: 10 million people x 10 dollars a month= 100,000,000 divided by 2,200 dollars a month= 45,454 people each getting 2,200 dollars a month....And those 45,454 people could assist the 10 million people...Imagine if is 20 dollars a month...Then it will be 90,909 people each one getting 2,200 dollars a month, and this people can work as volunteers or assistants...i call this the power of the masses & exploiting the dollar....Not just in military disability but they could do this in other professions...for instance, suppose that doctors were to make 2,200 a month, then the 45,454 people or the 90,909 people could work in a hospital assisting the 10 million people, they could work as volunteers, etc, etc...i call this exploiting the dollar...
and i was thinking
i want you to check something out....
Suppose you got 10 million people and each of them make 2,200 dollars a month and each one of them pays 40 dollars a month that will be: 10 million people x 40 dollars a month = 400,000,000 million dollars divided by 1,100 dollars = 363,636 people...And if you take 10 million people divided by 363,636 people = 27 people....Now suppose that the 363,636 people were FITNESS TRAINERS....then 27 people will have 1 fitness trainer and that trainer will make 1,100 dollars a month, whe you realize that joining the army pays you around that it pays you 1,200 a month, pays better than someone working at McDonalds....Do you see where this is going? Now suppose it was Panama where 500 dollars a month is a good salary...Then instead of 27 people having 1 fitness expert it will be 13 or 14 people having 1 fitness expert/trainer training them....I wish i could work on it more to see how we can reduce it....But again like how i said before the problem with the USA and England and Japan is that they CHARGE TOO MUCH, THE COST OF LIVING IS TOO MUCH....BUT THE PROBLEM WITH THIS SYSTEM IS THAT IT IS NOT STABLE...But think about it this could be use with teachers here in Panama, a teacher making 500 dollars a month and attending 13 students in the class and then each 40 minutes of each hour swapping teacher of another class all this for 8 hours or less, and the students pay 40 dollars a month, talking about a private small school.....But i think is unstable...also how much do they pay a professional trainer? and the professional trainers could get from young a scholarship of 1,100 a month to go to college graduate or not even finish college and then when they get off they get paid 300 to 1,100 dollars, the same thing in Panama...So for 40 dollars a month you get your own personal fitness trainer shared with 27 or 13 other people...LOL.....But again i don't know if the system is stable....Tell me here in Panama you know what it is to be getting paid 500 dollars a month and only coach 13 people to work out...This could workd like for busses the only thing is that the buss will be needed, but the shoffer in the USA can drive around 27 people or in the case of Panama, 13 people to wherever they want for 40 dollars a month...The only problem in the USA is that i don't think buss drivers make 1,100 a month....but it doen't have to be the USA it could be in Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Dubai, Thailand, etc...So for 40 dollars a month you along with 27 people are driven anywhere you want to go, or in the case of Panama for 40 dollars a month you are driving anywhere you want to go with 13 people...About the bus? well remember the 1,100 dollars that the buss driver is going to get? Well you can save for 3 years first and you will have save 36,000 dollars...Enought to buy a coaster semi bus to drive you around anywhere...What about the case of Panama for 40 dollars a month, 13 people are driven ANYWHERE....
You could do this with Doctors here in Panama, for 40 dollars a month supposing a doctor makes 1,100 dollars but for 40 dollars a month, a doctor takes care of 27 people and no one else..LOL......The only problem is the equipment and the hospital...So for 40 dollars a month a doctor see 27 people the same 27 people over and over and they are well taken care of in the entire month and year....I heard that a doctor makes 14,000 a year here in Panama, don't know if is true....

IDEA# 2: SEMI-DOCTORS: And this brings me to my second idea...Doctors in the USA make 100,000 a year starting...What if there were semi doctors [except that this doctors can't perform surgery], but this doctors study everything related to medicine and work as semi-doctors and earn 50,000 a year...But you got to find a nice name for it...I say this because doctors in the USA make 100K starting while if you go to another country in Central America or anywhere in the world they make 15,000 a year or 25,000 a year...and plus it will help the big problem of health care....I am willing to bet that that in med school they teach 70% of what they teach in college but in more detail....And you know what i am saying this, not because i have something against doctors but because the "BIBLE" because that's what i am going to call it, the 1 ton medical dictionary/bible is so huge most doctors don't know it....I don't think there is any doctor in the USA who knows the 1 ton MEDICAL DICTIONARY/BIBLE by heart....This could take care of people that are not uninsured and offer cheaper insurance...You know what is also ridiculous, that there are doctors making 200,000 and  there are doctors making 20,000 and the doctors that make 20,000 sometimes know more  than the doctors making 200,000 dollars and this semidoctors could be apply to medicinal scientist? Why? to promote human body research....This doctors could even make 40,000 a year...Also at that rate of having to to go med school and residency and all of that stuff there is bound to be short supply of doctors and more demands of patients...And the semi-doctors don't do entire what regular doctors do....They may say that with real lives you should not play, but they dont say that when there is a short supply of doctors because they all have to pay those long school bills some even fail and have those long bills and have good intentions others graduate too little because of the ASTOUNDING AMOUNT OF YEARS THAT IT REQUIRES...

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Comment by pumpi76 - August 7, 2009, 9:27 pm
And i got an even better idea, this is only for people that want to study medicine...Why not teach the stuff you are going to teach in college teach them in high school and the stuff you teach in med school you teach it in college????

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