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Whats the Meaning of life...


Sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life...in this universe,people are so different,and each one of them would have their own understanding...Sometimes life is boring,whatever you do only makes you feel more tired,no matter what you have achieved,money,power or even knowledge.Life is like a clock,waving between the pain and the short happiness.I know some people,living for those who they love and matters a lot with them,and they take living for others as the meaning of their life,and some people believe they have to take maximum out of this short life and enjoy the most..But people are always tired of old things and look for the new,so they are in a circle looking for something and never be satisfied.Some people may have the chance and become powerful,by the system holes,or the chance,or by climbing the ladder to the success.Maybe in the end,the meaning of life is that we are trying to find a way out to express ourselves,to show more people that our effort is not in vain,that we can make everyday the best however bad it is.


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jarasanComment by jarasan - May 9, 2009, 4:18 pm
Thank you for sharing that.

It is refreshing to have an LP member that truly "blogs" and lets their thoughts be read and known. Sometimes it is as you say make life the best as possible: "make everyday the best however bad it is". I for one, am very fortunate (I've worked and work very hard, that is how one gets satisfaction and success) and want the same for all others, and that is why I rail about the the power of the individual to shape their destiny.   That is what my blogging trys to point out to people, I want to let people know what I "see" as eroding the freedom of the individual.

The reprinting of news events I believe, without some opinion or frame of reference from the blogger to the topic at hand is not blogging, but merely 'reprinting' news stories.

HansComment by Hans - May 9, 2009, 5:09 pm
Thanks for the suugestion of a true blogging!Also I appreciate your view about life,that is to work hard and makes everything the best,like jackpot combos than losing combos.

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