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Happy Mother's Day...


Happy Mother's Day !!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and players here at the LP. You deserve to have the best of everything today, even if you have to go out and pamper yourself. Spare no expense. Tomorrow is not promised.

Having, loving and raising a child is not an easy task to do, though most mothers master it instinctively. There are joys, sorrows, frustrations, regrets, and sometimes exceeding joy. Sometimes it feels great to be a mom, to know that God has entrusted you with the sacred duty of nurturing a child, one of His own, and bringing one up who will glorify His name. What an awesome responsibility. And you should know that He only gives awesome responsibilities to those he wishes to reward awesomely for their efforts.

Today is your day to receive your reward, to expect your miracle and to thank him for all that you have. Be grateful for the moment, for what you have now. You do not need one tiny thing added to your life to enjoy this moment. Not a lottery hit. Not the expectation of roses or a meal out. You do not need any of it to get your miracle today. Because as my poet friend likes to say,

"You are the lottery that has already been hit. You are the miracle you seek."

Today you are the Queen. As you enjoy your day, know that gratitude is the key to unlocking the door to your happiness right now.  

Group Hug

New Workout Coming Soon for Thursday and Saturday Draws in PK 4 in NC/SC

Ok since I only get two posts per day, I have to move on to a different subject now, so if you came here just for the Mother's Day greeting, you can stop reading now. Cool

I have to tell you that you don't want to miss my NC and SC post this week for the PK 4. This new workout shows hits primarily on Thursday and Saturday, though there have been one or two for Monday and Friday as well, in limited backtesting. I'm excited over the possibility. Will post early Monday just in case a Monday hit shows. It is still in testing mode, so I probably won't start playing until Thursday, and use my UA digits to see if the hit may be coming that day. Since they are 123x kinds of plays, it sometimes gets complicated if there is a 6 in the number or a 7 because these have to add the 9 and the 4 variation (i.e. 597x must include 567x, 714x needs 414x) and that could result in a 40# play per draw. Anyway, you'll see what I mean. I have to wait for today's draws to come out since that is part of what this weekly system is based on.

Again, I hope you ladies have a wonderful day. As to the men, go ahead and make it a wonderful day for the mother of your children. What you give to make another happy can only be returned to you. So get to steppin' brothas!

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