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Fruits & Fruit Juice: Which one do you prefer: An Idea trying to help


Last Edited: May 14, 2009, 12:20 am

I got this idea and i am trying to help...I was wondering, which one is better....Is drinking a lot of Fruit juice weather is pear juice or orange juice or any kind of juice is it better than eating fruits all your life?

Lots of fruit juice when they are created i expect use lots of fruits, i wonder the quantity of fruits that are used to create fruits juice is it a lot and i think experiments show that drinking fruit juice is not the same as eating fruits plus a lof of juice got preservatives and all other stuff....And the quantity of fruits that go into making this fruits....And the fruit juice got a lot of sugar...And again the tons and mega tons of fruits that are used to create fruit juice...i don't know maybe i am wrong...

And maybe so much fruits are used to make fruit juice that makes the price of fruits expensive....

So i was wondering do your prefer that they sell 1 kind of fruit juice and drop down the price of fruits to who knows maybe 10 cents per fruit or you prefer drinking fruit juice whatever it be and have the price of fruits high as their are now....

i could be wrong but is just an idea trying to help....If will be nice if Kiwi cost 5 cents or 10 cents...thing cost like 60 cents and this is Panama....I say this because there are people lots of people who will spend lots of time just eating fruits instead of food....Talking about a conspiracy....

you may say that there is no conspiracy, let me give you an example...Paper is made out of wood and how much paper cost? like 2 cents per sheet and it is made out of tree...Fruits are a tree...and a tree once is cut it is gone, while fruits can continue to give fruits over and over....Something to think about....

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