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Before I start, I apologize if people misunderstood my entry yesterday about people saying bad things about the place. I love this place to death and I didn't like how someone could have said something bad about this place. *blush* I guess that was something that should be left behind; there will always be those that will hate the place, but there will be alot more that will love it.

---- now for a bit of more history of me ----

Made me think a bit on some of how I tick. Over the last few years, I shifted into one culture and into another. If you tagged me four years ago, I would not be saying that I would be opening a business, look like how I am, doing what I am doing now. I'd be going "yeah right" and moved on.  I was a very lost little gangsta' (and in some ways, I'm still am). I saw some of my friends in my neighborhood get into things that they shouldn't have gotten themselves into, and I've somewhat been involved in such bad things.

I still do not know what made my mind click... I guess a mixture of learning, growing up, church, family, and my real friends influenced me... and then the choices I make made to counter the bad things helped. I shifted away from the 'gangsta' lifestyle and into ... what I have today. I still have some remnants of what's left of my old side, some things bad and some things good.

I guess I have a strong sense of standing up for people, despite my small stature and size, and sometimes it does get to a fanatic's level. I dun like seeing friends get beat up; i've been in situations that woulda just fizzled out if I dun step in. Mmn.. I guess I still have to learn that with here, and with many other places. ...

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