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Fw: This Will Make Kids Smarter...It Could Just Raise Geniuses...


Last Edited: June 8, 2009, 9:15 am

 If They only knew....That's right if they only knew...The program on FUNSTER.COM name "Word Know it all" is so good and important...If you don't know what it is, just visit funster.com and log in is easy just type any screenname and any password then you will see it...You could use a program like that to quiz you about anything with a RNG and a different SEED...For instance you could learn an anatomy book and have the "word know it all have it inserted on it all the questions/vocabulary from the anatomy book with multiple choices and quiz you about the program...Word know it all only gives you like 4 or 5 multiple choices, i was thinking of a program that gives you 10, or 15 or 20 choices to make it more difficult and really make you learn and that it constantly reconfigures itself with the same questions but with different multiple choices....Again that program is unique, whoever built it is a genius.... 

I also feel that they can create an English webpage and they should quiz teenagers on "idioms" & irregular verbs like asking teenagers the base form, the simple past and the past participle of the irregular verbs, like of teenagers learn big words yet they don't know the irregular verbs or idioms.....

Like they can go and talk with the English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, you name the field/department and talk to them about this program...Something else they could do is create fill in the right answer but you have a list of the possible answers with an equal sign signifying numbers and people just write with their computers keyboards they write the numbers and not the entire words because is kind of boresome.....Also they can start a new website/page only with the word know it all with different application and give it a name don't give it funster.com because nobody knows that website, give it a popular name like" Vocabulary Quiz, etc....And in the website they can ask for donations to keep it functioning or on number 1 searches...What i am saying is that word know it all of funster.com can have so many applications....But the arrangenment of the multiple choice answers to each question must be infinate mixing different definitions to the questions many times as many times as possible and this is the key....

You could do word know it all with the medical dictionary, mathematics, chemistry, you name the field...You could even create an application to have on cell phones that way people can play on their cell phone the game and get smarter on their spare time...Like if that person wants that application/game they can dial a certain number pay who knows 2 dollars and it is send to them to their cell phones....What if you have a program like that quizes people on the medical dictionary or physiology, or chemistry or Ingeneering or any field..LOL...You know college textbooks instead of coming with a computer CD to repeat the texbook on the computer making the texbook more expensive they should come with this program...And you know how word know it all of funster.com has different speeds and levels so should the program you create...



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