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Came to the conclusion: TV is a cancer...


Last Edited: June 8, 2009, 5:13 pm

CHINA & EUROPE & INDIA: I am telling you this because i know that you all have potential and are hard working people and all 3 of you all can raise great people...Please listen to me...THE TV IS a cancer...Sometimes it gives me the impression that TV does more harm than meat or beer...I know that India & China do no like to work out/exercise, but you need to accustom yourself to working out, for your own good for when you turn older....What i am telling your is more important than a car, a car is important in the global sense but individually not more important than what i am telling you...Anyways you could live without a car....Going back to the TV...You need to create a company program that will show you ONLY educational channels, LIKE AN GLOBAL ENGLISH TEACHING CHANNEL AND NO OTHER CHANNELS...You need to do that for your own good...I want you to raise as a good world power China & India...No doctor is going to tell you this, but MEDICALLY the TV IS HARMFUL...After years i've come to the conclusion that the TV IS A CANCER...CHINA AND INDIA AS A SUPERPOWER THAT YOU ALL ARE PROJECTED TO BE, ONE PRE-REQUISITE THAT YOU MUST raise is not to teach your kids to watch tv...TV is a cancer....i sometimes think that TV is as worse as petroleum is...China listen to me...China listen to me, you may think of yourself as a great intelligent race or group of people but you are paralyzed, because you watch TV...Same thing with you India...To encourage your population to work out and not watch tv is greater than 5 trillion dollars....Please listen...India please listen to me, China please listen to me....IF BOTH COUNTRIES can forbid the USE OF A TV, AND ENCOURAGE A REGIONAL KNOWLEDGE INTERNET DIFFERENT FROM THE REGULAR INTERNET, that is filtered and monitored and controled, AND SHOWS EDUCATIONAL STUFF ONLY, you will have achieved un peldano BIEN ALTO....Japan has reach un peldano alto but what is crippling it is the TV...China you need to start a religion that makes people not want to watch TV....They can use the Internet but not TV...again TV IS AS WORSE AS PETROLEUM...China what you need to do is open up universities and schools as many as you can...China create a program that rewards people for going to schools, you india do the same, so they get PHD'S MASTERS, ETC...THAT THEY SPEND TIME IN COLLEGE MORE THAN WATCHING TV...

For example, you can not learn MATHEMATICS ALL OF IT if you watch tv or are addicted to TV...Knowing all of mathematics is like been Mr. Olympia weight lifter and talking about it, you can't be a weight lifter Mr. Olympia if you watch TV or are addicted to TV...

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