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Pick532 and Parsel Instructions


  The Parsel.exe Utility Program can be downloaded into the Pick532 Folder.  You don't need to unzip it.


If you downloaded this Utility into the Pick532 folder this is how I use it:


This is assuming you have created the following file names:  Data-5 and D5


1. Exit out of the Pick532 program


2.  You should see the C:\Pick532 (command prompt)


3. Type this next to c:\Pick532


4. Type the word: Parsel


5. Press Enter Key


6.  The Parsel Program should now open


7.  Select #5 (5 digit game)


8.  Enter the biggest number in game:  I entered 39 since I play PA 5/39


9.  So I entered 39 and pressed Enter


10.  Enter Data File to Parse:  My Data files are Data-5.  You can also type in D5 or Sim-5


11.  I typed in: Data-5 then pressed the Enter Key


12. Enter the name for the LOG file:  I use the default name by just pressing the Enter Key


The program will now Parse the Data-5 file for errors and will create a file named Data-5.log


Once the program finishes Parsing the Data-5 file you will get the following message:


13. Run this routine again Y/N:  I typed in N for no and pressed the Enter Key.


You can type in YES and run the Parse program again to Parse the D3 file to check for errors.


14.  After selecting N this will take you back to the Main Menu of the Parse Program


15.  Exit out of the Parsel Program by selecting "X"


16.  You should now see the following:


C:\Pick532  (The C designation is just your hard drive designation.  Whatever your Hard Drive designation assigned to your computer)


17. OK, so you should now be looking at the following:




18.  Type: 5


19.  Press the Enter Key


20.  This will reopen the Pick532 Program


21.  Press the ESC (Escape) Key to get to the Main Menu of the Pick532 Program


22.  You should now be at the Main Menu


Now we want to open the Editor to look at the Parsed log file(s) we created using the Parcel Program


23.  Press the "F2" Function Key


This will open the Editor Program


24.  Press or select E (For Edit)


25.  The cursor should now be positioned under the phrase that says: "File(s) to Edit"


26.  Press your Enter Key


27.  You should now see all the files in the Pick532 folder.


28.  Now look for on the right side of the listing of files.


29.  What you want to look for is the "log" file(s)


Remember these are the file(s) you created using the Parsel Program.


So if you Parsed the Data-5 file you should see the file "Data-5    log"


30.  Use the Down Arrow Key to highlight the File Data-5  log.


31.  Press the Enter Key


32.  The next screen should say: "Errors in Data-5":


Underneath it should give you the errors if the Parsel Program found any.


If there are errors it will give you the line number(s) of the file.


If there are NO errors it will just say: "No Errors Found"


33.  If there NO Errors just press the ESC (Escape Key)


34.  You will now see the Menu Bar appear at the top.


35.  There are letter designation for each item in the menu bar.


36.  Just press the "F" Key (File) and a drop-down menu will appear.  Again you can just use the letter designation. 


37.  Just press the "Q" Key (Quit)


38.  This will take you back to the Editor's Startup Screen.


39.  Select the letter designation "X" to "Exit to DOS"


40.  Press the ESC Key to completely Exit out of the Editor Program.


41.  You should now be back to the Pick532 Main Menu.


42.  So now you know your Data-5 file is correct with no errors.


Now  the following instructions are using the Pick532 Program for the first time:


1.  Ok you now know your Data-5 file is correct by using the Parse Program Utility.


2.  Open the Pick532 Program  (see instructions above)


3.  You should be at the Main Menu


We want to create a Simulated Data File (Sim-5)


4.  Press the "F9" Function Key  "Utilities (Stats)


5.  Press the letter "S"  (Simulate Data File)


6.  Enter the BIGGEST number in your lotto game: (Ex.: 35, 39, 49 etc.)


7.  For the sake of this example I typed in 39 and then press the Enter Key


8. Name of SIMulated File:  SIM-5  (Use this default file name, Don't change it)


9.  Press the Enter Key


10.  How many drawings to simulate:  (Default 10200)->  Use this default value of 10200


11.  Press the Enter Key


12.  Depending on the speed of your computer the program sill now simulate 10200 drawings and create a file named SIM-5


Now we want to combine the Data-5 file with the Sim-5 file and this will create the D5 File


13.  You should now be at the "Select the Utility" screen


14.  Select the letter "M"  (Make / Break / Position)


15.  Press the Enter Key


16.  You should be at the Screen:  "Select the Job"


17.  Press 1  (Make D5 without Least 5)


18.  Press the Enter Key


19.  Enter the name of the REAL DATA File: (Default: Data-5)>


20.  I use the default Data-5 and Press the Enter Key


21.  Enter the name of SIMulated File: (Default Sim-5)>


22.  Again, I use the default file name: Sim-5  Press the Enter Key


23.  Name the resulting file: (Default D5)>


24. Again, I use the default file name: D5  Press the Enter Key


25.  The next screen should say: "Successfully created D5 File!" 


 "Run this Routine Again Y/N"


26.  I selected N for NO


27.  This will take you back to the "Select a Utility" Menu


28.  Press or Select "X" to Exit


29.  This will take you back to the Main Screen "Lotto 532 Command and Control"


Now what we want to do is generate the reports using the D5 data file we created.


Remember the D5 Data file contains the combination of the Data-5 and the Sim-5 (simulated) files.


30.  Press the "F3" Function Key  "W5 Reporting"


31.  For how many drawings to plot the winning pattern: (100)->


What the program is asking is if you want to use the past 100 real state lottery drawings.


I just use the default value of 100 past drawings.


32.  Enter 100 or just press the Enter Key


33.  Enter Data File to Process:


Remember this is your Data-5 and Sim-5 combined file D5


34.  I Entered D5 and pressed the Enter Key


35.  How many drawings to analyze: (default: 10666) Note: this number may be different depending on how many Data-5 (actual drawings) and the Simulated Sim-5 drawings (10200). 


36.  I use the default value and Press the Enter Key


37.  Enter the name for the first file: (W5.1 or so) -> 


I just use the defaults W5.1  - Press the Enter Key


38.  Enter the name for the first file: (W5.2 or so) -> 


I just use the defaults W5.2 - Press the Enter Key


39.  Enter the name for the first file: (W5.3 or so) -> 


I just use the defaults W5.3- Press the Enter Key


40.  Enter the name for the first file: (W5.4 or so) -> 


I just use the defaults W5.4- Press the Enter Key


After you press the Enter Key the Program analyzes the "4 Layers"


Again depending on the speed of your computer the program will analyze your drawings and create 4 Reports W5.1, W5.2, W5.3, W5.4. 


The W5.X  The "X" at the end of the report is the Layer(s).  So we have 4 Layers or 4 Reports.  Each Report representing 1 of the 4 Layers.


42.  If everything ran properly you should see the following:


Success!  Run this Program Again (Y/N)


43.  I selected "N" for NO.


44.  This will take you back to the Main Command and Control Screen.


45.  Now you need to look at the W5.1, W5.2, W5.3 and W5.4 Reports


This is where you would examine at the 4 Reports to set up your Strategies in the next Step.


This is the way I open the 4 Reports.  You can use the F2 Editor.  I open Notepad and then Open the Folder Pick532 and at the bottom of Notepad dropdown I select ALL FILES.  This will open all the files.


The files you want to open is the W5 files.  There are 4 of them so just select W5.1 and open the report.


What I do is copy and paste the W5.1 Report into Excel and Sort the Report by Headings/Filters and look for conditions to play based on those values.


These are the filters to select your strategies:


All  Pot  Two  Three  Sum    Four    FivS    FivR  Bun3  Bun4  Bun5
 1    1      1       1        1        1        1          1        1      1        1


Final Notes:


I am just learning how to use this program. 


I just touched on just a small part of the program.


Todd, sorry for the long-winded explanations.


I hope others share their experiences and strategies using pick532 or the other Pick332 programs.








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