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Physics, Mathematics, Theoretical Chemistry, English & Fitness Lotterypost.com


Last Edited: June 16, 2009, 12:38 pm

Physics, theoretical chemistry, mathematics & Fitness & electricity Global Lottery Post:  Have you seen Lotterypost.com? if you haven't just visit it for a moment and look at it...Do you see how it is? You see how it got people making workouts, predictions, blogs, etc...Well there needs to be a website JUST LIKE LOTTERYPOST.COM but of physics one of Theoretical chemistry, one of mathematics, & one of Fitness...With everything on it, like with blogs, current problems work outs/theories, useful information, people's own experience [the fitness one], rewards, etc, etc...Can you believe that there are 167 countries or whatever number of countries with huge populations and yet no one has come up with this websites...But the websites have to be Global and in English the universal language...There also needs to be one of English...And they need to have a universal translator that will translate English and ONLY ENGLISH, where a person can copy what others say with his/her mouse paste it on his/her program and the program automatically gives him the answer....But they need to ask linguist from all the languages to stop adding words to the languages...


I got this idea from someone who posted it in LP yesterday:

DONT FORGET ALSO that Powerball can be won if there is a GLOBAL POWERBALL POOL...Or if there is a Global Powerball Pool collected for a cause....

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Comment by pumpi76 - June 17, 2009, 12:48 pm
But more importantly we need "Chemistry geniuses"....We don't need so much Physics Geniuses or Mathematics Geniuses as much as we need "Chemistry Geniuses"....
Comment by pumpi76 - June 17, 2009, 12:51 pm
Also to be good in Chemistry or to read any chemistry book you need to be skinny, and for that you would need a fitness religion or fitness lotto but fitness religion more...A fitness religion where members look out for each other and there is brotherly love for one another [not the kind of love that you are thinking]...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 17, 2009, 12:58 pm
I don't know much about calculus or trigonometry but i bet that if you study the functions of the functions of the forex [you know the curves, you like like the area or the derivative] how it moves up and down or if you put math thinking into it, you MIGHT just know where is going to move next and this way get the 1 trillion dollars over and over....I think it has to have a dispositivo [you know the area].....To bad math is not made easy for you; you have to decipher it...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 17, 2009, 3:06 pm
Not just Chemistry books but any text book, specially mathematics...Or like the accumulation of certain points as if though you was studying the jumps of a cangaru...Well stuff like that...
I wonder why don't they divide chemistry into 3 textbooks or 4 textbooks that you must take...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 17, 2009, 3:22 pm
And i don't know why people have to take so much unnecesary crap in college...For instance i had to take music, art and a whole bunch of unnecesary things...They make you take a full load when you are studying science...Why not let the person who is going to study biology study that biology that gives them more time to concentrate and learn the subject better....Tell me what's better, WHO LEARNS BETTER, that someone take 5 classes that are unnecesary or that you take only 2 courses...Also can you believe that they told me that to study ANATOMY, which you probably took in high school or lesser years and is the study of bones, muscles and all the systems of the body but before you can study anatomy you have to take chemistry, what crap is that...Anatomy is perhaps the first subject you should take along with biology...Physiology is perhaps a different thing...Do the test, make a kid take a full load in college and finish 5 years and let someone take 2 courses without taking unnecesary subjects just the subjects she is going to learn but make the test let them take 2 courses and finish in 6 or 7 years and tell me WHO is going to learn better & MORE...I tell you is ridiculous...I sometimes think that Universities don't want to teach people they do stuff to RETAIN people...yet they don't understand that the purpose of a college/university is to teach, EDUCATE SOMEONE...The purpose or retaining people belong to the graduate school...Also this doesn't favors the government because that means that there would be more people who can/would get jobs...Yet someone people don't got to college to get jobs but to learn....Also noticed this, no college in America would offer this, YET, there i saw on Yahoo.com there is a couple of colleges/universities who the cost is almost the cheapest...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 17, 2009, 3:25 pm
Also noticed this, no college in America would offer this, YET, there i saw on Yahoo.com there is a couple of colleges/universities who the cost is ALMOST free, like the first year or something...i didn't pay much attention...
tell me what the hell was i doing taking MUSIC....
Comment by pumpi76 - June 18, 2009, 11:19 am
Also something else that we need beside Chemistry geniuses is Electricity geniuses, to be more specific is Energy geniuses...Energy geniuses a good plus that we need, then mechanics inventors not mechanic the car, mechanics about artifact, appliances, etc...After those 2 then possibly Mathematics...But you have to understand that mathematics helps explain many things and many times is like the psychic of many things it can see before you do...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 18, 2009, 11:21 am
And this websites need to be on from now "til Eternity"....And i really mean eternity...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 19, 2009, 8:54 am
THE ETERNAL LIGHT BULB THAT WILL SHINE ON EARTH: TODAY I WOKE UP and i was thinking about that light bulb that will absorbe the rays from the sun and shine back on earth, well i was thinking about some clouds how clouds do this, so i was thinking how a cloud looks like a submarine and then i was thinking how submarines are heavy so i was thinking about stuff like automobiles/cars but not manned but instead by remote control like robots that will park and absorb the energy of the sun and at the same time the energy of the sun will be their energy....And then i went and use the toilet and i saw that the roll was very full and i thought of something that will have a full road that will girate/spin and little by little each unit of sheet or whatever begins to pass and absorbed and store the light......Then i was thinking that after the sun is out THEN you begin to construct the light bulb where you insert the sheets [think of it as sheet of toilet paper], and then the bulb shines for who knows how long each unit of the paper or roll [is not actually paper but a roll of a material that traps the energy of the sun] each unit of paper or roll last who knows 90,000 years...And the cars robots will move each week or each 3 years they will move forward....It looks like the blue prints but it is still hard....The problem is meteors/Asteroids/Comets....If only we live in a galaxy withought asteroids/commets....I think eventually, mankind will have to remove all those Asteroids when he moves to Mars....This just PROVES that mankind has work to do and should always be constantly working and stop getting darn married like nothing is happening...This just proves that Chemistry geniuses is what is needed, not really physics geniuses or math geniuses...What is needed is Chemistry Geniuses and Energy geniuses....

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