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Today was a Funny Day...


Last Edited: June 16, 2009, 10:37 pm

TODAY A FUNNY DAY: I tell you i don't know if i should tell you this because I AM SERIOUS GUY, but i am going to say it to spark some humor on you as well as seriousness...Today i on purpose wore my "POWERBALL T-SHIRT" is a polo shirt that says Powerball on it, well i wore it see what people will say about it, around me and later when i was going to the doctor i was going to cross the street and there was the street light, and there was a buss that say: "Santa Librada" i could not help but to laugh...LOL...I don't know if they paid attention to the DOUBLE MEANING that that word has...I am going to get me one that says: "Euromillions" and another one that say: "Fitness Religion" "Movie Eyes Wide Shut", "Lottery Fitness Fort", Fitness Lotto, & Win For Life Fitness Fort, & one that says "Fitness Fort= Lotto", i don't know if to get me the one that says: "Laura Simpson" afraid of the constant pelting of words that i am going to get...I think i am going to get me one that says: "Human Cloning" definately that one....if everything goes well this weekend i should send them to get made...I also get me one that say: "Movie Swordfish"....The stuff that happens in Panama i tell you....LOL...I think i am also going to get me one that says: "9 pulgadas [9 inches]"..LOL...Also one that says: "Franco tirador" ["sniper],  "9 pulgadas rubio" [9 inches blond..lol]...LOL....Y otro que diga: "Esto es verdadera Carne" [translated: "This is real meat]...also one that says: "The Professional/El Professional"...."La Cura del Cancer"[translate "Cure to Cancer"]...And who knows i just might get me one that says: "Votare por ti"[translated "i'll vote for you]....I will also get: "Professions Job Powerball", one that says: "!!Vaya Hermoso!!"....and one that says: $ 100,000 = 6% = $500 Mensual/a month = The Professional or Se Vende" JUST LIKE THAT....and one that says: "SuperString Theory"......LOL...

Entry #325


Comment by pumpi76 - June 19, 2009, 5:15 pm
I am going to get me one that says: "Minorities Powerball"....
Comment by pumpi76 - June 19, 2009, 5:16 pm
how in the world could i had missed: "Minorities Powerball"....good thing i remember in time...

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