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double vtrac clue method..


Just observation speaking:


Playing off a number for a week helps make some great hits..

Which and When should be the main question...


Observation indicates the best to be when there is a double vtrac in the number...

example...  378 that TN had night before last...


Now taking that in consideration:  you have 


3 7 8

8 2 3


  9        the 4 and 9 are added because BIRD says.. 7=4.. and we know 4=9

          Last night we had  849 which comes from our workout..

Rule to remember

Usually what I have noticed is that when double vtracs come... one of the double will repeat and the single vtrac will double which is what happened last night in TN..

I am going to show examples of this as a teaching tool.  I hope I dont bore anyone..

Friend, this works..

Entry #9


JAP69Comment by JAP69 - July 24, 2005, 10:17 am
Not boring at all
With the wins that you post I better pay attention to learn from you.

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