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Israel Attacks Justice Boat, Kidnaps Cynthia McKinney+


This is an outrage. See article and what you can do. Medicines, toys, olive trees and aid workers on boat on way to Gaza. Boat siezed in international waters, no threat to Israel whatso ever. They just want Gaza ppl to suffer and die!!!!


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Rick GComment by Rick G - July 1, 2009, 9:01 am
No time to cover this story. Whacko's fourth autopsy is due out soon... And don't bother the president...he's busy choosing colors for the Iranian revolution (aka coup attempt) and he has to distribute some brand new flags of pre-1979 Iran to the witless lackeys...

They howl with outrage at Iranian protest denial (in the US, protest is now "low level terrorism"), but let Israel kidnap a former congresswoman and a Nobel peace prize winner on a humanitarian aid mission in international waters and you don't hear a peep from the "outraged". When Gazan children were being bombed with white phosphorus and DIME bombs that we supplied, Obushma couldn't utter a syllable about it. His silence is his complicity. The War Crimes docket is getting quite full.

What Israel is doing to Gaza is inhuman. They are showing the world their true colors. They are not a peaceful nation and they seek to militarily expand their land, resources and power in the M.E. And they will continue using their puppet (U.S.) to help them achieve their goals.

This is why Israel forbids dual-citizenship in its government. It is an obvious conflict of interests. It's time we do the same.
TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - July 2, 2009, 12:31 pm
Thanx Rick G. The day I posted this I couldn't find any news about it on the mainstream cable channels. Fox news had this on Tues...


Will check original link for freegaza to see what's going on now...

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