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To Europe: Global Wealthy Lotto


Last Edited: July 3, 2009, 7:54 pm

TO EUROPE: GLOBAL WEALTHY LOTTO: Listen Europe you like to be in the forefront of a lot of things...Well you need to be pushing for a "Global Wealthy Lotto" that it will be tax free....I want you to read this article about the transformers movie:


It says that after just 5 days transformers reached 200 million dollars and is getting to reach the 400 million dollars mark...It also says that it did that domestically meaning it did it only in the USA...Ask yourself, how many people in the Population went and see that movie in the movie theaters only in the USA, how many people in the USA goes and watch movies in the movie theaters?...Also is not a movie is a sequel and how much is the movie theaters ticket price? 8-10 dollars per ticket...How much does the Global Wealthy Lotto cost? between $15-$200 dollars per ticket [dont know the exact amount], the fan BASE of wealthy people around the world is increadibly bigger than the fan base or people who go to the movie theaters and watch movies in the USA...Europe you are the only continent that can make it tax free...This does not need to be tax, other stuff yes but this one does not...Tell me if people pay 8 or 9 dollars to see a 2 hour movie, how much more they will be willing to pay to win 100 million or 450 million dollars.....I am guessing such a GLOBAL WEALTHY LOTTO will raise like 2 billion dollars EVERY DAM WEEK or 10 days....TAX FREE...So you could set it up the following way: 4 winners of 400 million dollars each & 16 winners of 10 million dollars each & 40 millions to charity AND there can only be 1 winner not multiple winners and this is EVERY DARN WEEK....In 1 year there will be: 192 winners of 400 million dollars & 768 winners of 10 million dollars as second prize & almost 2 billion dollars gone to different charities every year...ALL THIS TAX FREE....or you can have, 16 winners winners of 100 million dollars, 16 winners of 10 million dollars & 40 million dollars to charity or diseases research, EVERY WEAK...If you chose it this way there will be: 768 winners of 100 million dollars each, 768 winners of 10 million dollars & almost 2 billion dollars donated to charity EVERY YEAR....

Is up to you, but however you do it, remember, DOES THE STOCK MARKET DO THIS? DOES LAS VEGAS DO THIS?....iF THEY CREATE THIS, IT WILL REPLACE LAS VEGAS AND THE STOCK MARKET...Tell me when do you hear in the Stock Market that there is 768 winner of 100 million dollars  each tax free...When....Not only that but if you want to win 100 million dollars in the stock market how much do you have to invest? perhaps 50 million or 70 million...LOL, while this as simple as 50 or 100 dollars...I wish there could be like 2,000 winners of 10 million dollars each every year but unfortunately it can't be...Anyways tell me if the USA Stock Market can do this...AND IS TAX FREE...When Europe needs to be taking the Initiative it does not take it...And this is the good part...Since the Number of Wealthy people around the world is small and only grows very small the matrix of the Global Wealthy Lotto Stays the same....

Unlike USA Powerball where every 5 years they are increasing the matrix to 5 or 8 numbers which by the way 5 numbers added to the matrix is like 100 million combinations, but unlike Powerball, the Global Wealthy Lotto STAYS THE SAME....LOL...Tell me around the world, how many people become 100 million millionaires each year, how many people? Perhaps 30, 10 of them American maybe 50..While this creates 768...AGAIN CAN THE STOCK MARKET DO THAT, AGAIN CAN THE USA STOCK MARKET DO THAT...Sorry to put down the Stock Market, but the Stock Market is not a creator of super millionaires, stock market is an indicator of how well the economy is doing and where is going and the stock market is to maintain wealth but it doesn't do a good job in creating super millionaires...This is only a theory but it could become a reality if you put it to work...

Listen Las Vegas is not for Wealthy people....What does Wealthy people need to be doing in las Vegas, looking for women perhaps but looking for money not in las Vegas...I wish there was one that could create 800 winners of 400 million dollars a year, that will be wonderful...But at least this is a start....

Wealthy people of the world, please listen to me...YOu need to create this...

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