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The Hundreds AND Twenties system..


Last Edited: July 4, 2009, 3:30 pm

Is for Pick3...This is a way of "VIEWING" PICK3....I call it the "Hundredths & 20's....If you look at it that way it will be half of what pick3 is...And it only cost 20 dollars to play...This is also a better aim when predicting numbers for pick3...
Let me give you examples...
suppose this is what played in Pick3....Next to it i wrote the Hundredths in which it falls...

032 = 0's
332= 300's
224= 200's

On the left i wrote the pick3 numbers as if they had played and on the right i wrote in which 100's [hundredths] is located...
Notice in your particular State Pick3 that the hundredths don't repeat so if you could get the hundredths correct, all you have to do is pick the 20's numbers on which they fall, they been from 1-20 or from 21-40 or from 41-60 or from 61-80 or from 81-100....Remember 100 divided by 20 = 5...
So if you look at it this way you have to guess between 0-9 and between 1-5..with only 20 dollars so it will be half of pick3 since in pick3 you have to guess: 0-9, 0-9, 0-9...Is like an illusion...
and is only 20 dollars, assuming you are trying to get it "Straight"....And if you like you can apply filters..Only if you like...So all you have to do is guess the "HUNDREDTHS and then the 20's that is going to fall under...

Not only that but if the same hundredths plays the same 20's will not play, there is a cycle of the same hundredths with the same 20's playing...Which will make it guessing which hundredth it is plus 1-4 instead of 1-5...
Why i like this system is because with a SUPERCOMPUTER WITH PLENTY OF CALCULATING ALGORITHMS, some history other patterns and if you use it to look at Pick6 as 2 Pick3's joined together and then deducing, then you could get somewhere...Is a step forward...Since 1 Pick3 can be viewed as 0-9 + 0-5 then the other Pick3 can be viewed the same way 0-9 + 0-5 making it one complete Pick3 so if you was to guess a Pick6 you will be guessing as 1 Pick3 and NOT 2 PICK3'S...Again in theory...You could connect the 20 numbers from the 1st Pick3 with the 20 numbers from the 2nd Pick3...And 20 x 20 = 400 plus deducing, plus filtering in the deducing plus filtering in each of the 20 numbers...Who knows...Now what this tells me? That the 2 Pick3's that you get, you could not play them yourself what you will have to do is give them away in the forms of a "PREDICTION WEBSITE" giving away numbers perhaps for a fee....That's the best thing you could do with it...
Also you could track the difference betwen each hundredths and create an algorithm that way...
Let's look at something:
Here is South Carolina Pick3..Next to it is the 100's and next to the hundredths is the difference between the preceeding hundredth and the following one and next to it is the 20's listed as 1,2,3,4,5...Remember 1 is 1-20; 2 is 21-40; 3 is 41-60; 4 is 61-80 & 5 is 81-100...

 ## = 100's = Difference between 100's= 20's location...

527=500's =1- = 2

685= 600's= 5- = 5

172 = 100's= 5+ = 4

623 = 600's= 5- = 2

192 = 100's=1- = 5

021 = 0's   = 4+ = 2

429 = 400's= 4+ = 2

807 = 800's= 0 = 1

838 = 800's= 3- = 2

558= 500's= 1- = 3

423= 400's= 5+ = 2

996=900's= 6- = 5

302=300's= 5+ = 1

830=800's= 2- = 2

660=600's= 1- = 3

561=500's= 4- = 4

173=100's= 1- = 4

094=0's    =8+ = 5

810=800's = 5- = 1

384=300's= 4+ = 5

708=700's= 4- = 1

376=300's= 4+ = 4

701=700's= 6- = 1

139=100's= 8+ = 2

994=900's= 5- = 5

453=400's= 3- = 3

175=100's= 1- = 4

017= 0's          = 1

So factoring the same way they do in algebra, factoring gives us that Pick3 using this system is basically guessing between 1-5 and 1-5 so it will be guessing from 1-10...Except that make sure you are correct...Again theoretically...Now this just proves that a supercomputer "repleta" of algorithms can get this right...While other patterns and systems and stuff the supercomputer can look at simultaneously....Again theoretically, in the chalkboard....
this is a good one for Lotterypost.com predictors...
Entry #336


Comment by pumpi76 - July 4, 2009, 4:52 pm
It will have been nice if i could make it work with Pick4...There might be a chance we could make it work with Pick4, using the MD Coordinates for Pick4....But i have to look into it...It will have been nice if we could make it work for Pick4 though...

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