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Your Dumbest Criminals Moment


Last Edited: July 6, 2009, 12:52 pm

i had some new neighbors move in recently.they looked like trouble but i'll give the benefit of a doubt until i'm given a reason to think different.didn't take long though.they asked to use my phone so i sat down on the couch.looked down and noticed a wanted flyer with both of these idiots staring right back at me.i thought no way could you be this stupid and leave something like that laying around.i saw the place they were from and remembered it in case i needed it later.well a few days later lots of things were happening which i won't print here that made me call a few states away and drop the dime on this couple.turns out this gal is a white collar criminal that masterminds in stolen goods and jewelry theft and operates out of florida.just looking at these two they look like normal middle class people but at first it was other things that caught my eye that told me they were trouble.they befriended my girlfriend because she is good hearted.she is also disabled from a bad car wreck and we have to travel several hundred miles once or twice a month to get her medical care.well my wife told me they were asking her all kinds of questions on what day was our appointment,how long were we gone and just things they really had no business asking.the straw that broke the camels back for me was this woman left her two toddlers in the house that were four and two years old for several hours by themselves.i went and got the manager and we fed the children something until the mother got back.the manager wanted to call the law then but i convinced her not to since the children had no guardian at this point in time if the woman was turned in for neglect.so i got up the next day and i called crimestoppers and turned the woman in.i checked on the man and apparantly he is in good standing so there will be someone to watch his children so that made me feel better.some may say its wrong but they broadcasted their business by leaving a flyer laying around on the floor with wanted info on it not to mention giving me more than one reason to have to turn them in to authorities.never hurts to be aware of your surroundings and observe what goes on around you.

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