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YouTube Trader on Bloomberg says markets are manipulated and volumes 'ficticious'.


Trader on Bloomberg says markets are manipulated and volumes 'ficticious'.

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Rick GComment by Rick G - July 19, 2009, 1:26 pm
I'm glad this is going mainstream. The public has the misconception that the stock market is an accurate indicator of the economy. Futures trading affects the market regardless of a stock value.

The stock market is going up for a couple reasons. One, they want us to think that everything is hunky dory so they inject money into the stock market (e.g., end of trading on Fridays - if it's been a down week, money will be injected; or same thing after a horrendous day of trading). Two, and more importantly, they are hyping the market up as much as they can to get OUR injection of fresh capital while they are SHORTING the market, knowing it's going to go down when the manipulations end. They will once again, make a huge haul on options trading when the market comes crashing down to the realistic values of an economy in deep recession or depression. In other words, they are still playing the ponzi game and they want you to play along. They will not be satisfied until they have broken our back.

konaneComment by konane - July 19, 2009, 2:18 pm
Thanks Rick!! They've been playing the ponzi scheme a long time, now the gig's up. My gut always said something is being manipulated in the stock market, now am seeing what it IS.

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