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Youtube - Swine Flu Latest Update Must Watch Cdc Own The Fema Camp Coffins


Understand under normal funeral application those are placed in a grave first then the casket is lowered down into them, lid secured on top for the purpose of further preserving remains.


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KaptainessComment by Kaptainess - July 22, 2009, 12:28 pm
I had blogged about this earlier and it got so heated that I think I deleted the post and comments. Yeah, most likely I did. I do have some of what I wrote back in June 2009. I'm still trying to find out the why's and what for's, going deep in the net to discover more in formation. Shame my library card from the online university is closed. I'm going to try a few back doors, there is ALWAYS a back door. Just have to fiddle with passwords. LOL!!

I would like to know if other countries are stocking plastic coffins too. I mean we are not the only ones - right? That is why I need the access to a university library online. I am fascinated why we are doing this.

Here is what I wrote earlier on June 23, 2009

I was going to post this a few months ago when I was sure that the CDC would call for a Pandemic, they waited until the midnight hour to call for one. I began my search on the Swine Flu again, its not good news.

Just want to remind everyone to prepare for the coming winter when the Swine Flu will be at its highest peak. I searched around the Internet and found that the Government has a stockpile of plastic coffins all over the country at 500,000 per site. The coffins can hold 3-5 adults, so multiply that by the amount of coffins they are stockpiling and its a huge number. Also there are more at the FEMA Cemetery, along with concrete vaults that are being made in huge numbers. Why I have no idea, unless it has to do with this flu pandemic or something else we are not allowed to know about?? Mmm...

We are in for a bad one this winter. Be prepared with canned goods, candles and matches, water, dried foods, nuts and fruit. WATER is the most important thing we'll need. Remember to get a gun and ammo, I don't believe in taking of life, but sometimes its you or them, and you have a right to protect your family. Also make your home secure, I mean any back door, garages, any place where someone can enter to get your supplies. It could get that bad. Yes I have my Tamaflu, two packs for each member of my family.   And don't forget all the other meds you may need for a few months that you take on a daily basis. Do not forget to have CASH at hand, stash some so in the event that the banks are closed and you need it you'll have it. Winter time and no oil, gas, or electricity, what are you going to do to keep warm? Think about it, and prepare. You could make one large room warm by covering the windows with plastic, making the room into a makeshift tent where even a candles will provide heat.

Its being said if it hits us as bad or worst than the one in 1918 we won't have running water, electricity, gasoline, food stores, phone service, trash collection, even burying the dead will be an issue because so many people will be either sick, dying or too scared to come out of their homes. Can you blame them? Would you? The Government said if it hits hard we are on our own.

This flu is out of season and its still killing people??? Another person just died yesterday from the Swine Flu. What does that tell you? When its the optimal time for flu season it will become a monster that will not be controlled. Isn't it wiser to be prepared than to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the situation?

Yes I am and still will prepare, better to be on the side of caution than not. The totes are getting full, I have a list to check off for each item, and I hope and pray that it never comes. Remember not to bring the germs in your home with street shoes, wash your hands.

************************** Then I got a few responses that I won't post - but will include the rest of my post.

I beg your pardon!?!?!   Name calling is a part of an adult discussion, nor placing labels on people, nor personally attacking them to prove ones point of view. Sure, my point of view doesn't line up with yours, that is why we have open forums here. I did not give raw data to my concerns feeling its too hideous to think about or even put in print. But I'm concerned greatly about the information I am reading that happened years ago and what is happening now, history is repeating itself. Its a dangerous time right now.

When the Government wanted to test the Bomb what did they do? They lined up service men and blew the bomb so they can see what affects it would have on the human body. When they wanted to test germ warfare they tested it on the service men. When they wanted to test Syphilis they tested it on Blacks for years without them knowing it.   We are tests rats as far as our Government is concerned. I can go on with the testing that our Government has done on us and we didn't even know it. My favorite brother, Victor, died from the affects of Agent Orange that he came home with from being in Viet Nam. They KNEW it was contaminated and they sprayed it anyway. He suffered all his life with a rash that would not go away no matter what medical or herbal treatment he used, and I do believe that it did internal damage to him as well, it had to, he said every surface where the troops were was sticky with the substance, that they sprayed it over the field where they were stationed.

My concern now is this. Why is FEMA stockpiling plastic caskets all over the country? The caskets can hold about 5-6 adults depending on their size. One site has over 500,000 of these plastic caskets with flat lids so they can do mass burials. I am digging every day online to ascertain why and what for.

We know this Swine Flu was man made right? Right. No matter how you cut it, there is no way that three viruses can combine as it did in this new flu. The only good think I can credit Nixon for was stopping germ warfare, but I'm concerned that under other Presidents it started up again without us knowing. Possible. I read that the samples for the Swine Flu was missing from the CDC. Why? Where did they go? But unless I can get a handle on all the information I can't say.

As for the bank failures and the stock market crash, the loss of all the retirement money that people depended on to have a good life after years of work. Why did it happen? Ask yourself why did our Government let it happen when for nearly 12 years experts sent the Government warnings?   Because of the workforce, our workforce would have dropped and the workers of this country would be the one calling the shots, not the Big Brother Companies. It was forecasted that there would be a labor shortage when the Baby Boomers would start to retire. Less workers, less taxes. The transfer of wealth went back to the rich, the working man and woman will have to work until they are days away from the grave because their nest egg is gone. In the news today companies stated that they will put less money into their employee's 401K's, and that goes back to what I just mentioned.

For the first time in my adult life I did not vote, I will not vote any more in life. I made myself a promise never to vote again. I am not a defeatist, I am not ignorant, and all of the other labels you have slapped on me. I am a college and self educated adult woman that has seen so much crap in my life that I wonder when it will stop. It will never stop, we don't have the power, the means, the energy nor the interest to make a change in our Government. They do what they want, and if we do raise heck we are labeled as anti American, not good for National Security.

I thought it was a dangerous mood that swept our country with the ''Obama'' craze, I even liken it to Hitler, Jim Jones, and David Corresh. The masses seem to be hypnotized, a fervor that was dangerous. I even wrote Oprah a nasty email about her actions for not
konaneComment by konane - July 22, 2009, 1:17 pm
Thanks Kaptainess!!! Great blog post, pity you had to have it deleted. Remember when you post controversial non-sheeple entries as I do the wonderful BLOCK
konaneComment by konane - July 22, 2009, 1:25 pm
BLOCK button is your friend. ( apologies, must have hit the wrong key when composing).

If not planning for some disaster then why are those coffins in place? Since it's been proven the swine flu virus came from a laboratory looks like the government as a whole is just CYA. Hmmmm wonder how this is going to be viewed in the future .... as preparedness in the event of attack or pandemic .... or potential population reduction?

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