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"... Is Wall Street Picking Our Pockets?


This is a must read article, cuts to the chase.


Weekend Opinionator: Is Wall Street Picking Our Pockets?
By Tobin Harshaw
Entry #1,279


emilygComment by emilyg - July 26, 2009, 2:25 pm
Thanks. Of course - with the Administrations blessings.
konaneComment by konane - July 26, 2009, 2:56 pm
Thanks Em!!! Yes part and parcel in on the whole thing.

I want to see this issue handled because it's one of the malignancies that's been harming innocent investors all over the world ... especially to include those whose 401k's, retirement plans, etc., which were invested ON THEIR BEHALF. These people didn't have a say in the matter and are getting hammered.

Keep a watch on this site he's been all over this before the newspapers noticed anything .... indicates there may be grounds for a class action suit.
"HFT And Goldman Sachs Boiling Point: NYT And Max Keiser   
Great recap piece in the New York Times on whether or not Wall Street is picking the pockets of "non-club" investors (read - the guys who do not generate 80% returns with a Sharpe > 5.0 - can someone explain how risk/return works again).

****The consensus sure looks good for class action lawsuit lawyers.*****


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