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Hitting Pick 3 Straights


This system analyzes the draw per position.

The first thing I did was to create a spreadsheet with the days of the month in the first row.

Then I put the numbers 0-9 in the first column three times (with a row separating each 0-9 group).

Then I went through the past draws and put an X in each cell for that day. So if the draw was 369, I put an X in the first group at 3, an X in the second group at 6 and the final X in the third group at 9.

This allows me to see the pattern for each number in each group.


In analyzing the numbers, I disovered that if the number in a column is 0-3 then the next draw in that column will be a higher number 70% to 80%+ of the time.

If the number in a column is 6-9 then the next draw in that column will be a lower number 70% to 80%+ of the time.

If the number is a 4 or 5 then it appears that it can go either way.


I then do some positional wheeling using those rules. I filter out triples and I filter out the last draw sum and root sum.

Normally this leaves a couple of hundred numbers but the next draw straight will be there 70% to 80% of the time.

If the first column of the draw is a 4 or 5 then you should probably not play that day.

If the second or third column is a 4 or 5 then it might be a good idea to wheel all the digits in those positions since you don't know if the number will be higher or lower. However, you could end up with 500+ numbers which is not profitable.

Another filter that can be used is to look for sums that are due or root sums that are due.

I am still working on refining this straight system.

Entry #2


Comment by joker17 - July 28, 2009, 12:38 pm
I've seen a similar system years ago, but without some of the helpful hints about frequency of hits you mentioned for different columns. I remember seeing a description about how the x's go in 45 degree angle lines on the graph, or other similar shapes which gives a fair indication of where the next x may go.

Thanks for posting this.

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