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How to solve the Homeless problem: if there are 5 million of them:My solution


Last Edited: July 30, 2009, 5:03 pm

If there is 5 million homeless people you collect from all of them 40 dollars a month...That's 200 million each month...YOu place it in the bank at 6% [they should give you 6% since is something to help the comunity that's what i say] it should be 12 million each year...How much does a very large apartment complex cost to build [just to build] i don't know the answer; i'll say 6 million....So that means that every month 100 million dollars is going to each of 3 large cities in Each State...I'll take i think 12 years to cover every state...The apartment doesn't have to be fancy just something with a bed & TV...The food they eat it at a cafeteria....Is not fancy but is the only way to cover all homeless people...

That means that 3 Large cities in each state they are going to have 2 large apartment complexes each costing 6 million built every single year...It could be like bootcamp where they all live in one building together with beds lined up next to each other....But a special bed frame a bed frame that has a stand or extension where they can place the TV...Or 2 story bed with a mechanical small elevator or mechanical arm...Like if a bed is made of heavy metal...

After the 12 year you begin once more on each state...This means that after the 12 years, in each the 3 biggest cities of each state there is going to be 3 very large apartment complexes EACH costing 6 million...But you see in the first city that you started at the 13th year there will be: 26 very large apartment complexes built....And after the 24th year [the second round] there will be 52 VERY LARGE APARTMENT COMPLEXES EACH COSTING 6 million dollars in each city...In total that will be: 7,800 VERY LARGE APARTMENT COMPLEXES EACH COST 6 MILLION DOLLARS ACROSS The USA...And if each one of those VERY LARGE APARTMENT COMPLEXES host 200 people then it will be: 7,800 X 200 = 1.5 million, just need another round and it will be 3 million...Almost all homeless will have a place to stay...

My logic about the very large apartment complexes costing 6 million...Here in Panama for 8 to 10 million you can construct i heard a 40 story building made of pure cement...The very large complexes i am talking about is made of cement/brick with wood which should cost less...40 stories with each floor having 3 to 4 apartments...40 x 4= 160 and how many people live in 1 apartment? 3 or 4 people, mother, father and 2 kids....Exactly...

it doesn't cover food though....

This is only by collecting 40 dollars from every homeless person...Had you collected 50 dollars a month or 55 dollars a month All 5 million homeless people will be with a place to stay [ALL OF THEM]...However it will take 24 year or 20 years..

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