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I cracked Pick6: The only reason why i am doing this...


Last Edited: July 31, 2009, 9:26 pm

THE ONLY REASON WHY I AM DOING THIS IS NOT BECAUSE I WAN to show the entire world this for like how i said, the State Lottery is sniffing/snooping around this website...The reason why i am doing this is because maybe astronomers can use this system of pin pointing random phenomena and use it for asteroids for asteroids there is millions and millions of them just like there is millions of combinations and possible predict which asteroid might be the next one to hit earth using this system or perhaps this system on a larger scheme might be using for something important like predicting random phenomena, phenomena like airplane crash, asteroid collision with earth, predict killers, accidents, deaths in a population [movie minority report], etc....Again this is the reason why i am doing this...Because every flesh and bone that circles this plane is sorryful, going about their lives without the slightest idea that 1 comet or 1 asteroid hitting earth will eliminate all life on this planet....That's why i am doing this...People will say oh you are going to break the state lottery...my answer is i rather see the State lottery be broken than to see this entire planet dissappear...That's something about me, i watch astronomy channels astronomy programs and everything...Just to know that the LLSS or whatever you call that telescope is not funded they are asking for contributions...How sorry is that...Even if they create 1 or 2 of those telescopes is just that 1 or 2 the sky is infinate and random huge sky...Plus astronomers can use the money that they win from Pick6 and use it to fund astronomy programs, for example florida Lotto pays: sometimes 30 to 40 million dollars if they could use that money for important stuff in astronomy it will make me happy, like buy a supercomputer to analyze the sky....Again that's the reason why i am doing this....People may say they dislike me but that's nothing compare with the FACE or should i say the look in their face when they hear on the news that an asteroid is going to impact this planet and wipe off life on this planet [is the kind of look when someone that doesn't have a gun is been chased by someone that has a gun trying to kill them or or the kind of face a human makes when he is been chased by a tiger/lion]...That's why i am doing this because i know better...Again just 1 impact and the USA will not exist so is Russia, Israel, Japan, AFRICA, etc....You could be sleeping, next thing you know it could be your last sleep on this planet why? because when you went to sleep an asteroid collided with earth you were evaporated by 100 million nuclear blast from the Asteroid or your country was drowned by a gigantic cloud touching tsunami.....Listen most AMATEURS astronomers [meaning people that look at this sky for fun or as a hobbie] discover stuff in the sky by accident...It wasn't until recently that an amateur astronomer discovered another strange spot in Jupiter...



> Guys i am happy because i FINALLY cracked Pick6...But it
> all hinges it all depends on you answer to this question...I
> placed both questions in bold...
> I need the answer to 2 questions...Here they go:
> In Pick4, if you choose 4 numbers let's say: 1,2,3,4 it has
> 24 ways it can play BOX if none of the 4 numbers repeat and
> in 1 of those 24 box ways there is 1 combination that is
> going to have the combination "STRAIGHT"....
> Well i need to know how many ways box will a combination
> that has 6 numbers how many way box will it have if none of
> the 6 numbers repeat: Example:....1,2,3,4,5,6....
> i also will like to know how many box ways will a
> combination that has 6 numbers how many box ways will it
> have if 1 of the 6 numbers repeat: for Example:
> 1,2,3,3,4,5...
> I'll explain why: Remember the Delta NUmbers: if you don't
> know what they are: read it here:

> http://www.use4.com/lotto.html

> I'll explain 1 example: suppose 5-12-14-22-28-39 play on a
> Pick6...Then the delta number will be: 5-7-2-8-6-11....You
> write the first number which is 5 and the following numbers
> you take the differences for example: 12-5= 7; 14-12= 2;
> 22-14= 8 and so on...
> Well i noticed that most Pick6 are have on them delta
> numbers that are from 1-10 but what if you take the 6
> numbers and write it box write 6 numbers box all the 6 way
> box it can play and just guess the delta numbers....But you
> see most delta numbers on Pick6 combinations are from 1-10
> with sometimes 1 number been 1-20....But that's sometimes,
> but the other times all 6 delta numbers are from 1-10...and
> sometimes the 6 delta numbers on Pick6 combinations DO NOT
> REPEAT....Which makes it easier for you to chose 6 numbers
> between 1-10 and played it all its box ways...If you play
> all the 6 delta numbers box it will contain 1 combination
> I think this cracked Pick6 but i need to know the answer to
> the 2 questions first...

> 1 2 3 4 5 6 = 720 Permutations.
> 1 2 3 3 4 5 = 360 Permutations.

> 1 2 3 4 5 = 120  [PICK5 WITH NO NUMBER REPEATING]
> 1 2 3 3 4 = 60    [PICK5 WITH 1 NUMBER
> ----------
> 1 2 3 4 = 24      [PICK4 WITH NO NUMBER
> 1 2 3 3 = 12      [PICK4 WITH 1 NUMBER
> ------
> 1 2 3 = 6        [PICK3 WITH NO NUMBER
> 1 2 2 = 3        [PICK3 WITH 1 NUMBER

> Well at least i technically proved that that game can be
> cracked...However is not the result i was hoping for...720
> only rich people will be able to afford that...
> But since many Pick6 combinations have the 1,2,3,3,4,5
> which comes out to 360 is not that too too bad...However i
> was hoping for 60 not more than 100 for both of them...But
> it is good news because it shows that PIck5 which i think
> has 120 permutation if no number repeats...But since you are
> going to find 1 number that repeats in Pick5 is probably
> less than that, like half = 60....

> SPY153 SAID: What do you mean by boxing the numbers?
> the same way you box pick4 or Pick3...If  you have 6
> numbers of delta numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6 boxed it will be:
> 1-2-3-5-4-6
> 1-6-2-3-4-5
> 6-1-2-3-4-5
>  and so on....
> It can work on Powerball/MegaMillion but
> MegaMillion/Powerball will have 120 permutations...However
> for Powerball/MegaMillion you will see more numbers of the
> delta numbers from 1-14 and 1 of those 5 will be from 1-25
> possibly....However the number from 1-25 if you can predict
> it, you will have won powerball...
> my approach is to take for the bonus ball to look at the
> ending digit: which is from 1-10 treating 0 as ten...Then
> look at it as compressed numbers 1-5 so that: 1&6 = 1;
> 2&7= 2; 3&8 = 3; 4&9 = 4 and 10&5 =
> 5...those are compressed numbers...
> and you multiply 120 x 9....You play each combination 4
> times choosing 1 of the compressed numbers, so that if you
> play: 2 it will be: 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, 37, 42....

> But since there is a chance that MegaMillion will have 1 of
> those permutation numbers duplicate then it will be 60x 9=
> 540...And you see you will have covered most of the time 4
> out of the 5 numbers for MegaMillion/Powerball and you will
> have a 1 in 5 odds of getting the bonus ball...Which i say
> in 3 or 4 drawings if you play everyday you will get
> it...And 4/5+ bonus ball = 10,000 dollars....And if you can
> get the 5/5 + bonus ball = 20 million - 60 million dollars
> on average...
> And since the 5/5 is delta numbers boxed/perm that you must
> get: you can play 1-5 and 6-10 is really easy....
> Also if you get the 5/5 + 0 is $250,000 which placed in the
> bank at 5% is $10,000 and that divided by 12 months = 833
> dollars a month money that you can use to bet on the
> Powerball...out of those 833 you take 400 and you put the
> rest which will be 140 and you can play the 540 every moth
> twice a month....Or out of those 833 you take 200 and the
> other 340 a pool puts it....Less people in the pool and if
> you win less people to share it with...And you will have 4
> chances a month every month to play
> MegaMillions/Powerball...And if you win the
> MegaMillion/Powerball Jackpot since you are putting 200
> almost 40% if you all win you will receive 40% of the
> shares...For example, 40% of 60 million is 24 million
> dollars...and you can do it one more time since this time
> you will have more capital you can put 40% or 60% of the
> pool money and again if you win 80 million 60% of it is: 48
> million dollars living you now with almost 75 million
> dollars...
> with those 75 million you wait for the economy to be good
> place it in the stock market at long term and soon you will
> have 100 million dollars....

> Not to mention that you will have won
> Powerball/MegaMIllions 3 times so you can write a book not
> tell exactly how you did it,
> you tell them: "well i can't tell you exactly how i did it
> but i can show you another way to crack Powerball and you
> show them this link: actually you don't show them the link,
> you copy everything that is on the link with the comments
> and you place it in your book:

> http://www.lotterypost.com/blogentry/31535/viewcomments

> and you should get i'll say 10 millions from that book and
> the other 15 million the Stock Market can do it in a good
> economy if you put the money in a good investment...or you
> can always place the 75 million dollars in the bank and it
> should give you like  3.5 million dollars from earn
> interest every year, money that you can use with this system
> and try to win Europe's Euromillions, making your winner of
> 4 jackpots by which your book will soar....
> and this way you will have 125 million dollars made...


> STACK47: 
> I'm assuming because you're using 6 number deltas, that
> you're assuming the lowest number will always be 1 to 10 and
> that certainly is not what the results from the last 15 Ohio
> 6/49 Classic Lotto game that RJ gave you showed. The lowest
> number was over 10 in 5 of them. What you probably noticed
> is that one of the deltas repeated in box form and want to
> know how many combos you would have.
> There are only 5 spreads in pick-6 lotto games; the
> difference between the lowest number and the second lowest,
> the difference between the second and third, third and
> fourth, fourth and fifth, and fifth and sixth. There are
> only 120 permations using the 5 spreads.
> "Well i noticed that most Pick6 are have on them delta
> numbers that are from 1-10"
> I just noticed in the example you used, one of the delta
> numbers is 11.

> That's simple you see you have to look at your particular
> state pattern...If most delta numbers where the lowest
> number is just 1 below ten and it occured 5 times and most
> of the drawings have all 6 delta numbers from 10- let's say
> to 17 then that's the pattern...It doesn't have to be all 6
> delta numbers been between 1-12 it could be all 6 delta
> numbers been between 10-17 or 10 to 20 is the same thing is
> just a different decade that's it....And i know that all 6
> delta numbers are not going to be between 10-20 but more
> like 10-16 or 10-17 wich is better because it means that you
> have to select only 6 box delta number from 10-17 and since
> it is 6 that you are selecting non repeating it will only
> leave you with 1 number left back...
> The only problem is that a lot of times there is 1 number
> between 10-25 or in my case 1-20 is that 1 number that you
> must predict...If you can get it right, the better....And if
> all 6 delta numbers don't repeat is better for you less
> guess work for you.....
> and it doesn't have to be evenly between 10-17 it could be
> between 4-14 or 6-16, again whatever your state pattern...

> MY COMMENT: This just PROVES something i've been saying for
> a long time...There needs to be more generic Powerball,
> there needs to be more generics Pick6, there needs to be
> free lottos, there needs to be generic free lottos...But
> nobody listens....

> have you noticed that there is more golf courses than free
> lottos...Every country has like 50 golf courses only for the
> rich, how much does a golf course cost? 40 million? maybe
> more...wouldn't it be nice if they placed 40 million in the
> bank at 5% is 2 million each year and let it go towards a
> free lotto every month....And if they want only rich people
> or certain people to join it they can do it like each member
> have a secret password to log in to the free lotto website
> and play and at the same time advertise make publicity...
> Do they think?

Entry #370


Comment by pumpi76 - July 31, 2009, 9:32 pm
i owe this idea to Stalyn from LOtterypost who prompted me to look at an astronomy channel show...

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