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I Cracked Pick6 a second time: Why i am doing this: Part2 System1


Last Edited: August 2, 2009, 12:39 am

THE ONLY REASON WHY I AM DOING THIS IS NOT BECAUSE I WAN to show the entire world this for like how i said, the State Lottery is sniffing/snooping around this website...The reason why i am doing this is because maybe astronomers can use this system of pin pointing random phenomena and use it for asteroids for asteroids there is millions and millions of them just like there is millions of combinations and possible predict which asteroid might be the next one to hit earth using this system or perhaps this system on a larger scheme might be using for something important like predicting random phenomena, phenomena like airplane crash, asteroid collision with earth, predict killers, accidents, deaths in a population [movie minority report], etc....Again this is the reason why i am doing this...Because every flesh and bone that circles this plane is sorryful, going about their lives without the slightest idea that 1 comet or 1 asteroid hitting earth will eliminate all life on this planet....That's why i am doing this...People will say oh you are going to break the state lottery...my answer is i rather see the State lottery be broken than to see this entire planet dissappear...That's something about me, i watch astronomy channels astronomy programs and everything...Just to know that the LLSS or whatever you call that telescope is not funded they are asking for contributions...How sorry is that...Even if they create 1 or 2 of those telescopes is just that 1 or 2 the sky is infinate and random huge sky...Plus astronomers can use the money that they win from Pick6 and use it to fund astronomy programs, for example florida Lotto pays: sometimes 30 to 40 million dollars if they could use that money for important stuff in astronomy it will make me happy, like buy a supercomputer to analyze the sky....Again that's the reason why i am doing this....People may say they dislike me but that's nothing compare with the FACE or should i say the look in their face when they hear on the news that an asteroid is going to impact this planet and wipe off life on this planet [is the kind of look when someone that doesn't have a gun is been chased by someone that has a gun trying to kill them or or the kind of face a human makes when he is been chased by a tiger/lion]...That's why i am doing this because i know better...Again just 1 impact and the USA will not exist so is Russia, Israel, Japan, AFRICA, etc....You could be sleeping, next thing you know it could be your last sleep on this planet why? because when you went to sleep an asteroid collided with earth you were evaporated by 100 million nuclear blast from the Asteroid or your country was drowned by a gigantic cloud touching tsunami.....Listen most AMATEURS astronomers [meaning people that look at this sky for fun or as a hobbie] discover stuff in the sky by accident...It wasn't until recently that an amateur astronomer discovered another strange spot in Jupiter...

I CALL THIS system: SYSTEM1....


You know how Pick3/0-9 has full as well as abbreviated wheels? Pick3 has a full wheel that uses 10 numbers if none of the numbers repeat and it comes out to like 80 dollars i think...

Well ask yourself how much does a full wheel for Pick2/0-9 will come out if you use all 10 numbers? I'll say it will come out to 30 tickets perhaps...Remember PIck4 which is 1 number extra from Pick3 the full wheel with 10 numbers if none of the numbers repeat comes out to 210 tickets....PIck3 which is 1 number less than PIck4 comes out to 80 tickets...That's a 62% reduction by just eliminating 1 number from Pick4 to Pick3...So Pick2/0-9 will come out to be like 30 tickets using 10 numbers...For example if is 30 tickets that's a also a 62% reduction by just eliminating 1 number from Pick3 to Pick2...

Now all you got to do is get such a wheel for Pick2 and view Pick6 as 3-combined Pick2/s....2 Combined Pick2/0-9 by the ending digits...The first 2 digits of pick6 and the second 2 digits of Pick6, and the third 2 digits of Pick6...Now you get the Pick2/0-9 wheel using 30 numbers and you wheel it and whatever comes out which should be not more than 30 tickets you Pick2 of those 7 tickets you weed out the ones you think will not play and you match it with the other 30 tickets that you will wheel from the other Pick2 and select 1 or 2 combination also...And you just pair them together and if you are correct all you got to do is arrange it in the exact combination and it should be a straight ticket...If you look at it this way...You are narrowing the field from 90 tickets, 30, 30 & 30 and pairing them up....Better than narrowing the field from 25 million combinations...And it only costs you 1 dollar to play once you have narrowed down all of them...Doing it this way by playing 1 dollar you have 26 million chances to break even...

But you first have to find  that Pick2 wheel...Which i don't know if ANYONE has it...I really think that Pick2/0-9 wheel using 10 numbers comes out to 20 tickets and not 30...BUT IT GETS BETTER...A pick2/0-10 using all 10 numbers [permutation wheel] might come up to 30 but if you use 9 numbers instead of 10 it comes out to i'll say 18 and if you use 8 numbers instead of 9 it will come out to 10 tickets...Making it 10 tickets for the first 2 ending digits, 10 tickets for the second 2 ending digits and 10 for the third 2 ending digits...Remember you are looking for a full wheel size 8, 9 or 10....

Once you get the 3, 2 ending digitis all you got to do is deduce: This is what i mean by deduce:

Example: suppose 3-14-19-22-35-46 is going to play tomorrow...And you predicted: 3-4 the first 2 ending digits and 9-2 the second 2 ending digits and 5-6 last 2 ending digits]...
you united them and it will be 3-4-9-2-5-6: You then deduce...and assume the range is a Pick6/46...

3-4-19-22-25-26 [3/6 = 5 dollars]

3-4-19-22-25-36 [3/6 = 5 dollars]

3-14-19-22-25-36 [4/6= 100 dollars]
3-4-19-22-25-46   [4/6= 100 dollars]
3-14-19-22-25-46 [5/6= 2,000 dollars]
3-14-19-22-35-46 (BINGO)...
3-14-19-22-25-26  [4/6= 100 dollars]
3-14-29-32-35-36  [3/6= 5 dollars]
3-14-39-42-45-46  [3/6= 5 dollars]
3-4-19-32-35-46   [3/6= 5 dollars]
3-14-19-32-35-46  [5/6= 2,000 dollars]
3-14-19-32-45-46  [4/6= 100 dollars]
3-4-19-32-35-46     [4/6=100 dollars]
3-14-19-32-35-46  [5/6= 2,000 dollars]
3-14-29-32-35-46  [4/6= 100 dollars]
3-4-29-32-35-46    [3/6= 5 dollars]
Here is another example:
Suppose the winning numbers for Texas were (15-20-37-38-39-43)....Now suppose you do get someone that submitts the numbers 5-0-7 and someone that submitts the numbers 8-9-3 the ending digits... 
and you pair them up and you get 5-0-7-8-9-3 the ending digits of Texas winning numbers....All you have to do is deduce....
so let's take 5-0-7-8-9-3 deducing the numbers you can possibly get are (remember you treat 10 as "zero" (0):
5-10-17-38-39-43    3/6 = 5 dollars
5-10-27-38-39-43    3/6 = 5 dollars
5-20-37-38-39-43   5/6 = 2,800 dollars - 5,000 dollars
5-20-37-38-39-53   4/6 = 57 dollars - 70 dollars
5-20-27-38-39-53    3/6 = 5 dollars
the following round:But before you continue you should know that combinations that beging with 14 + are very rare combinations they rarely play so you can eliminate them from your repertau....
15-20-37-38-49-53  4/6 = 57 dollars to 70 dollars
15-20-37-38-39-43  (BINGO = JACKPOT)
15-20-37-38-39-53  5/6 = 2,800 dollars to 5,000 dollars
15-30-37-38-39-43   5/6 = 2,800 dollars - 5,000 dollars
15-30-37-38-39-53    4/6 = 57 dollars to 70 dollars
15-30-37-38-49-53     3/6 = 5 dollars

And you win directly...You will not win everyday Pick6 which is what i would have hope but it only takes 1 win...But you can win repeatedly this...If you are good you could win once or twice a month...And if you had a supercomputer even better...The problem is finding that Pick2/0-9 wheel for i don't think anyone has it....Theoretically speaking....Can you imagine circuventing 26 million combinations with 1 or 2 tickets?

I am sort of happy because for years i've been looking for a system that could win Powerball or Pick6 with 1 ticket...This might be it...[the long sought system]....El dorado...I've seen systems more impressive than this one systems i thought where the long sought system, never thought this one will come out to 1 ticket...My bad i just checked it and it doesn't come out to 1 ticket it comes out to like 25 tickets the amount that the deducing yields but is the closest system to 1 ticket...Sometimes the deducing will come out to 20 tickets...is the closest thing...men was i close....However how much i long that 1 ticket system...However you want to look at it is better than wheels and better than going yourself alone against 26 million combinations...

but there is a catch, you must play it twice so that you play it backwards and forwards...Remember that the PIck2/0-10 wheel will give you the 2 numbers boxed [they are just 2 numbers] and you must order them correctly straight....

Entry #372


Comment by reddog - August 2, 2009, 12:05 pm
This does make me say Hmmmm.
Comment by pumpi76 - August 2, 2009, 1:44 pm
I just realize something since there is a global trend for Pick7/49, soon Pick7/49 will be coming to a theater, i mean a state near you...The good news is that this system works for Pick6, Pick7, Pick8, Pick9 and Pick10 but is not prepared for when tickets start costing 2 dollars or 3 dollars....
Comment by pumpi76 - August 2, 2009, 1:46 pm
For example for Pick7 you get 3, Pick2/0-9 wheels size 8 or 9 and the 7th digit you play it against 10 which is the 7th digits 0-9...

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