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To the USA and the World...You need to do this: Government's Area52...


Last Edited: August 14, 2009, 2:21 am

To each country in the world...You need to gather some money, how i don't know...Gather some money and recruit, as i call them, soldiers...It is true that we live in the movie "Saving Private Ryan", for we are at war with everything that afflicts us...But also there is another war going on...That war is making the economy of each country the best it can be...For now and for the future...So that it can house the number of incoming children/generations and so that we can live a better quality of life....Listen something you probably didn't know....The number of the population of each country is just climbing, which means that country have to grow economically more and more every year, which means that they have to PRODUCE RESOURCES MORE AND MORE EACH YEAR THAN IN PREVIOUS YEARS which will mean that resources will finish/deplete quicker at this pace than had the world's population been constant and not change.....And if the economy doesn't grow at the pace it should then that means less jobs offered....Mathematicians will work on this also...

That's why all states in the USA as well as all countries in the world...YOu need to gather some money and recruit soldiers, soldiers, soldiers thinkers/calculators that are going to be calculating, think stuff up, simulating, experimenting different things on how to make the world better and provide more jobs and make us live in a better world all this with supercomputers....You need to do this....So many people unemployed, so many women unemployed in your particular state/country...Put them to work, put them to work for that job, send them to college and put them to work for that job...You know those experts people on TV that you hear them talk about the economy and their models, and predictions and what they project...Have this group listen to them record what they are saying and try the TV expert's advice/predictions against the group's models, theories, simulations, experiments, ideas, etc....Find out what needs to be bought, what needs to be created what needs to be built, and record it....I call this group...AREA52...

a good example: the USA military has: AREA 51, LOS ALAMOS, MANHATTAN PROJECT, etc, etc...What does the government which is bigger than the military has????Exactly....

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