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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts:


Last Edited: August 14, 2009, 6:34 pm

Some Ideas & Some Thoughts: 

Car Tires: Remember that in one of my blog I said that we needed car tires? The reason why I said it is because the government will not always have money to construct new roads where is needed in many places that’s the case…And people are weary that their tires will wear off quicker on roads that don’t have asphalt...I was looking at how they made the Huge 10 wheelers cargo trucks [talking the very huge ones, the ones whose tires are twice the size of a human], and I was looking at the company that made the tires I saw the whole process and let me tell you, you know the “threads” on those tires? Well they can surely make it bigger so that the tire last longer but they don’t do it because they want to make you coming back for more tires…And I don’t know “WHY” they don’t recycle old tires….Anyways I thought of this…get 15 million people each wanting to chip in $15 per paycheck for 4 years and it will be 20 billion dollars: placed in the bank at: 6% it should be 1 billion 200 million dollars…But don’t think you are going to give your money like that, you are going to get it back…On the 6th year the 15 million people will get their money back…Now you are only placing the 20 billion in the bank for 1 year…It should be 1 billion 200 million….you take that 1 billion 200 million and buy that car tire making company which must cost what? 1 billion? and there you have it they can create tires with way bigger treads FOR FREE and they can recycle the old tires and make new ones with it and this way reduce tires burning or tires on thrash dumpsters, and this way people can take tires to drive to the country side, plenty of it…and they charge 2 dollars for the tires which can go to charity or a new tax for the government…And the 2 dollars from tires charge that will go for the government can go into really, road construction in the country side...

10 wheeler cargo trucks: I’ve seen them drive on the streets and they drive too fast, in fact one time I will say I almost got killed by one of them…Way too fast…And they forget that that is not a regular truck, you get hit once with one of those and that’s it…So I heard that cars got a chip that controls their speed why not make those trucks go a certain speed? Why not make heavy duty trucks go a certain speed, let them go slower…Or why not build them so that they don’t go fast, they go slower…

CocaCola or Airline whose sold revenue goes to charity or projects worldwide: It can happen: Remember that in 1 of my blogs I said why not create a company like Coca Cola or something popular whose sold revenue went to charity or important projects worldwide important to humanity…Well there is a way you could do it and get your money back…Get 15 million people who will be willing to chip in $15 per paycheck for 4 years…It should be 21 BILLION dollars…Placed in the bank at 6% should be like 1 billion 300 million dollars…And with that 1 billion dollars they create the Coca-Cola Company let it be very big and worldwide whose sold revenue is going to be for charity or important projects worldwide helpful to humanity…And then on the 5th or 6th year they return the 21 billion dollars to the 15 million people which will be their $15 dollars back that they contribute for 4 years they will get it back…Or they can take the 21 billion with the 1 billion they are getting every year and HOLD IT for 3 years…And with the 1 billion they are going to receive each year buy 30 airline planes…How much do airlines planes cost? 100 million? So with 3 billion for 3 years it will be: 30 airline passenger planes…And then on the 3rd year you return the $15 to the 15 million people…And with those 30 comercial airplanes you create an airline whose sold revenue is for charities worldwide and for Global projects important to humanity…

There was another idea i had but i can't remember it....

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four4meComment by four4me - August 14, 2009, 9:56 pm
Now Fort McMurray oil-sand miners face a severe shortage of dump-truck tires. A new dump-truck tire runs about $60,000. Tires last about 12 months. Each truck uses six tires at a time. That's more than $360,000 in tire expenses per truck every year. Syncrude owns 90 trucks.

Here's the thing: The tire's cost isn't the main concern of a mining company. It's availability. Oil-sand mines cannot operate without a supply of brand new dump-truck tires. Without dump-truck tires, they'd have to close their operations... and lose billions of dollars. So I bet the oil companies in Athabasca would pay $100,000 for new tires... if it meant keeping their mines open.

People in the USA pay a surcharge to get rid of their worn tires now some places take them and use them for fuel. The reason they aren't recycled back into tires is the process couldn't be perfected there are cords in the tires as well as steel belts and different kinds of rubber compounds not easily separated.

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