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Instead of Internet Lottery Softwares why not Predictions Websites...Is way better..


Dont you think that instead of Internet Lottery Softwares, they should create predictions websites? It just proves that they are doing it to make a buck and all are a scam, but they don't know that they will make way more money if they start a prediction website...
Look at Lotto Integra Lottery software the time that that software has been on the market if they were to start a prediction website by now they will have 20,000 members or more....

Look 5,000 members at 5 dollars per month is 25,000 every month in 1 year is: $300,000 dollars....This way they will make the world a favor and since they claim that their software is SO GOOD why not create a prediction website...Prediction websites are better for America it creates more winners this way....

And you see suppose you have 5,000 members then all you have to do if you are a prediction website is make your system/wheel have a winner in 10,000 tickets, because this will mean that the 5,000 people will each play 2 dollars worth of combinations...This way you have a winner every day and is better for America...
If you think this is a good idea email it to your favorite lottery software maybe they'll listen to you...I can't email all of them plus my computer is very, very slow...

is only 1 dollar they are spending, plus if they are good there will be 2 Pick5 winners every day...
otherwise they will lose their money anyways and they will lose more...They'll lose like 20 dollars as oppose to 1 dollar...
the website is charging them 5 bucks a month, 5 bucks what is 5 bucks a month 10 cents a day?
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ToddComment by Todd - August 16, 2009, 8:58 pm
Sometimes people do not see the forest for the trees.

Pumpi, Lottery Post is a "predictions web site", and it has nearly 80,000 members. I know that it can be fun to sit back and dream up new ideas, but at the same time it would be worthwhile for you to spend some time actually investigating all the various features available here at Lottery Post. There is obviously a lot more than you are aware of.

A good place to start is by clicking "Premium Memberships" on the left side of this page. You don't have to BUY anything -- just check out all the various features listed in the comparison chart, so that you can understand all that is available. Most of the features even have "free sample" or "trial" pages, so you can see exactly how they work. Links are provided within the chart.
Comment by pumpi76 - August 17, 2009, 2:34 am
Todd the reason why i posted this here was because i realized that some blogs do appear on the internet...I posted this so that "Americans" come to their senses and stop buy lottery softwares becaue if lottery softwares are soo good they should create predictions websites and why are they not doing it? because is all a scam...That's why i posted this...Also i figure since we are talking about "randomness" here if they create several predictions websites one of them is bound to hit the jackpot...Is better several predictions websites going at it than just 1...

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