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The Next Evolution in Lottos: Mathematics Problems Lottos...


Last Edited: August 23, 2009, 9:54 pm

This is the next evolution in lottos for the future of this planet...This is to promote mathematics....

I don't know where they are going to get the money but they could work on it...I was thinking of a Mathematics Problems Lotto that pay: 25 million every month...Actually since is going to pay: 25 million every month, they can do it...This is being creative...And want to know something? This could potentially tell us a foreign environment in another planet mathematically, in another planet or in another universe...Is about been creative...After thinking about it over and over i realized that "THERE IS AN INFINATE NUMBER OF MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS" THAT CAN BE CONSTRUCTED...THEY WILL BE LIKE the different arrangement/combination of a string of 80 numbers if you pick 8 at a time...Is infinate...

Just the arrangenment of a house how it can look inside of every house in the world is different so if you was to describe it mathematically it probably never end...Same thing with movies if you was to describe "movies" mathematically there will be mathematical problems that will never end..and that's just witouth the variables of, color, sound/music/voice & time & size and if i add the science of physics or chemistry or the laws of a different universe the number of Mathematics Problems will be: INFINATE RAISE TO THE INFINATE POWER all of uniqueness....

This is to encourage people to major in mathematics and promote creativity...

You get: 15 million people they could as well be 7 million if they chip in $30 per paycheck...We are going to use the 15 million people model again it could easily be 7 million people...You get 15 million people, each willingly chip in 15 dollars per paycheck for 1 year...Dude just 1 year...It will be 5.4 billion dollars...

The interest of $5.4 billion dollars at 6% is 324 million dollars...25 million every month for the Mathematics Problems Lotto for 1 year is: 300 million...You set aside 300 million for the Mathematics Problems Lotto and 24 million for running cost....You are going to receive this every single year forever...But the first year you hold it and take 24 million and buy yourself a 22 million dollar supercomputer and take 2 million place it in the bank at 5% should be 100,000 dollars a year coming to you every year which $50,000 you can take for energy cost and $50,000 for operations...I am just giving you an idea where you can take a step further...

And the supercomputer will randomly create "Mathematics Problems" with variables or without is up to you, and each Mathematics problem will have like 200 solutions...There will be 200 math problems...Remember the math problems are infinate...It could be as simple as tell me the dimensions of a plane breaking in half in the air at which altitude with 5 ruptures in this and this area with winds blowing and i don't know at how much what will it cause...And they got 1 month to solve it...Again the problems are "INFINATE RAISED TO THE INFINATE POWER/EXPONENT....The Mathematics Problems Lotto could be regional, continental, Global, country, etc but it should be free...Again this is the future of Lottos and where they should go for the welfare of our planet...And remember this is not adding variables or the science of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, geology, nor all the sciences nor combining all the sciences so if it was so the number of "Mathematics Problems" is "Infinate raise to the Infinate power and that power raise to the infinate and that exponent raise to the infinate/infinity, etc...Maybe i am taking it too far but problems could be like: If i am in the sahara desert 300 miles inland and there is 1 million grain of sands per cubic meter after the 300 miles inland on my 334 step what grain of sand number ranking am i steping into on my 335th step...I repeat again, the "mathematics problems" can be "INFINATE RAISED TO THE INFINATE POWER/EXPONENT...This will encourage interest in mathematics, raise geniuses, increase creativity, possibly make people want to major in mathematics, exercise brain storming/problem solving, etc...Have you seen those tv shows where people compete for $50,000 and they got to travel to different countries, areas trying to solve a problem? same thing here...Except that this pay much more and can be done in the comfort of your home...

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Comment by pumpi76 - August 23, 2009, 9:53 pm
You know what i was thinking about a foreign planet? Is good to know the composition of a foreign planet chemistry wise from top to bottom because imagine if you go to a planet and live there and then it has special clouds, clouds that every 10 years or every whatever years cycle releases toxins into the ground/air/atmosphere???Then the whole of humanity after it has travel to that planet and resided there will perish...I got this idea from senator joe lieberman i think that's his name...Is a potential killer...Or if it has volcanos that erup every so often those volcanos are not going to be like the size of earth and releases toxins or harmful chemicals into the air, killing everyone in the planet...Also have they ever figured out why earth has volcanos but no other planet has volcanoes???Is a good place to start...
Comment by pumpi76 - August 23, 2009, 9:56 pm
and what a good way to try and figure out the composition of a planet by creating something similar like creating mathematics problems and add physics, chemistry, geology and all the laws we know about to see again the composition of a far away planet is endless...Have you seen the moon? have you seen that its soil composition is different from the soil composition of our planet???
Comment by pumpi76 - August 23, 2009, 10:03 pm
You might use a supercomputer the the fact is that figuring it out the amount of things it can have "IS INFINATE" and been off by a few centimeters of something, can create a noise, magic, air, toxins...think about it as trying to predict mathematically the exact figure and turn that the silluohete of a cloud forms in cloud formation and been right every second...Mankind doesn't even understand our planet's weather...so it will be good to have manpower or someone guiding the supercomputer...And that's just 1 planet...Remember there is 1 trillion stars in our galaxy x 100 million galaxies...and that was just the planet it wasn't the planet's atmosphere, climate, airspace...Dude you are going to need the help of people...
Comment by pumpi76 - August 23, 2009, 10:07 pm
and that's just without the variable of time/evolution and without seeing chemistry as a moving/evolving/changing targets with time....
Comment by pumpi76 - August 23, 2009, 10:11 pm
have you noticed the global weather? just 1 thing not function at the right moment in synch causes massive changes somewhere else that can results in large difference of temperature in degrees?Not only that but everyday the weather is different, so a planet's system everyday is different from the previous day...
Comment by joker17 - August 23, 2009, 10:20 pm
Pumpi's favorite subject....lol

Supercomputers ,millions of dollars, and other countries.

Never a dull moment. Can we hang out sometime?

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