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How to Make your family Generations have 500 TRILLION dollars & be richest family ever.


Last Edited: August 26, 2009, 3:42 pm

You know i just thought of this...Theoretically speaking...I don't know how true this will be but i am just showing a "THEORETICALL EXAMPLE"...This is only if things remained the same....

I was thinking about 200 years ago...If you found a coin used in 1801 they might give you $500 or $1,000 or $2,000 for it...Again i don't know anything about old coin values, i am just painting a theoretical scenario...

So i was thinking...If you could take: 1 billion dollars and placed it in the bank: at 6% there will come to you 60 million dollars every single year which you could save in a, hidden cave that nobody could see...And each one of those 60 million dollars that are coming to you every year will convert into: 60 or 120 billion dollars 200 years into the future....It will be 120 billion dollars coming to you every single year if they were to pay you $2,000 for every coin/dollar....120 billion x 10 years= 1 trillion dollars...And if you let the 1 billion dollars sit there for decades and centuries to come earning interest....Then it will be: 1 trillion x 20 = 20 trillion dollars...That your future generations will have 200 years from now if they cash it in...If they pay you $3,000 per each coin/dollar then you are looking at 30 or 40 trillion dollars....

And if you let it sit there for 300 years, you are looking at 100 or 120 trillion dollars...That your family will have...This is if only the cost of things will not go up and stay the same....Suppose the bank gave you: 7% for the 1 billion dollars...Then you will be looking at possibly 150 trillions that your family will have if they let it sit there for 300 years....

All this theoretically speaking...

i got this idea after reading the book "Arabian Nights"....

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