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My Exhortations...


Last Edited: August 30, 2009, 6:59 pm

To all the rich people of the world...Please understand something...I've been saying this for over 4 years now...If you are rich, YOU HAVE SUPER POWERS...Please realize that...PLEASE I AM BEGING YOU, please realize if you are super rich, you have special powers...Tell me that everytime they are making shows like: "Heroes" that they are talking about some real life rich people that are making a difference...Tell me that when they are talking about the show "Kyle XY" that they are talking about some rich person's powers...Please tell me that but don't tell me that you are talking about some "REAL" fictional characters...

Again if you are rich please realize that, people may say stuff to you but you have a super powers...It doesn't matter if you are a female...Please realize that...You know people are affraid of thugs, but ask yourself the question...Can a thug wage war against a small country...No he can't...A rich person can...Tell me can a thug go and exterminate everyone in a police center? No he can't...A rich person can....Can a thug rob 50 banks or 200 banks in 1 day, nor he can't...A rich person can...Can a thug make the friends of his enemies turn against their enemies with a silencer...The answer is no he can't....A rich person can...Can a thug bring down 50 helicopters chasing him? The answer is no he cant not...A rich person can...Can a thug get an army tank and go to the police center and just fire round after round? Can it take that same tank and fire at the FBI building floor by floor, again can a thug do that, can a thug get a handfull of helicopters with bullet proof glass strapped with missiles and fire at the FBI buildings floor by floor, again can a thug do that? Can a thug have an army of snipers? Again no he can't not...Can a thug have 1,000 cars with 10 remote control missiles each car pointing at the FBI buildings or the police center OR THE PENTAGON...Again can a thug do that?...The answer is No he can not...Have you all seen the movie the Jackal, see the remote control riffle with binoculas...Can a thug have 20,000 of those pointing at the same police station, again can a thug do that...Nope he can not...And dont forget with snipers you CAN'T MAKE MISTAKES you can raise your hand because it will be blown away, so if you plan to go after snipers you better be dam robocop with infrared vision...Also can a thug have its own walkie talkie can a thug build his arsenal year by year the longer the time passes the bigger its arsenal is? Can a thug do that....Again the answer is no he can not....Can a rich person do this? Yes they can....Again please realize this...Rich people are not common people, they got super powers...

Also, please learn to sweat, learn to sweat with your eyes...Look for the group withing the group of a particular group or race that needs help the most...What i call the minority within the minority....Learn this...Stop going against a large group....I called this the "Minority Report".....

Also China, please listen to me, please listen to me...You need to change your language to English, for your benefit and for the benefit of the world....Changing your language to English is worth more, than 100 years of your GDP....Please understand that....For the better of China and for the better of the human race....You are losing a big footing because YOU DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH....I AM BEGING YOU CHINA, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH....

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Comment by pumpi76 - August 31, 2009, 8:54 am
i am not saying wealthy people are going to do that but what i am saying is please treat "wealthy people" nicely...

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