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A Message to Women: Not so good Message: For the betterment of the human race


Last Edited: August 31, 2009, 7:45 pm

Listen women of the world...This is not a good message but it is for you, intented for you...Listen this message is for the betterment of the human race...Listen all this time i've been trying to spur the human race, i've been waving a piece of meat infront of dogs so they push the sledge...Humans work the same way....Here goes the message...

Remember "Hittler" how he wanted to purposely create the most prideful race and wanted to select the best of the best of the best...Remember that..I've watch the psychology of men and what they have done during the course of history...Unwillingly men have gone to war for their wives in the past...Look at suicide bombers? They are willing to blow up themselves because they believe that when they die they are going to be in heavy with 40 super hot virgins....Listen sex is like MONEY...I'VE KNOWN THIS SINCE I WAS A LITTLE KID...Sex is like meat people don't see how they can go without it...Men have wage war because their wives have told them so and i bet that the husband have said no, and the wife probably reply well you wouldn't sleep with me but another guy and the husband who probably had the cuttest/hottest in the entire town relent...

Not only this but i believe that in the future one of the world wars, maybe world war 3, or world war 6 or world war 30, is going to be about oil, when i say oil i mean sex maybe not explicitly...Everytime you hear on tv that they are talking about petroleum i think they are talking about sex...

Anyways the number of exceptionally hot beautiful women in the world es escaso, is scarse is like finding water in the desert, that's the goal of ALL MEN but 99% if not 100% of them give up and die in the desert...is not the case for women because a women can have anyone she likes...Why do people rob banks? Because they dream of having lots of money and a superb hot and georgeous women....I was thinking if you have so much dominio over men, why not use that and give it a positive spin...I was thinking if only each one of those suicide bombers who are willing to kill themselves use that energy into science research or something beneficial to men...Guess what? 99.8% of people graduating from all the classes take bussiness or a lucrative carreer, few go into research...But the problem is that there is not too many "super hot and beautiful women", the handful that exist can be used to be cloned; of course they will be well taken cared when they are big, why? So that we can take the exceptionally hot and beautiful women and used them to wave that meat infront of the heard of wolfs so that they can push the sledge...Listen money is scarce....Is not only cloning but is also taking lots of women who have good prospects/aspect and "MOLDEAR" their figure....

So women you need to do this so we can push the human race forward...I wish you could do it with women but since most women can get what they want they will not go for it...

Women please don't forget something...Man is still AN ANIMAL WALKING UPRIGHT..

Not just to be researchers, but how about for reaching the planet mars? for that we need suicide bombers, a suicide bomber trying to reach mars, with a pistol....How about if they become part of human research, participate in human research experiments...

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