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Gail Howard


has anyone everyone used Gail Howards lottery program, A-Plus Advantage? I have it for going on three years now and it has never even hit three numbers just playing a cash 5 game. I'm about ready to trash it.


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konaneComment by konane - September 4, 2009, 9:20 am
For software I've always used Lotto Pro 2009, had it since 2000 and do subscribe to daily numbers updates which downloads and loads automatically. It has filtering capacity that's really good, ticket selection based on hot, cold, etc., which you also have input choice. Well written software with awesome tech support.

You might want to try Lottery Post Gold or Platinum membership for a complete and up to date array of filtering capabilities. I'm not sophisticated enough to utilize all LP filters but do have a few of them I use a all the time in conjunction with Lotto Pro. For my purposes they compliment each other perfectly.

Good luck with whatever you're currently playing!!!
Comment by jim695 - September 4, 2009, 11:58 am
     I agree with Konane. You should NEVER rely on a single method or system and expect it to work effectively. Gail Howard's lottery methods are certainly credible enough; many people have won jackpots using her systems, but try to keep in mind that you still need that essential element of luck, no matter how you choose your numbers. I have several of her books and her Advantage-Plus DOS-based software (which doesn't work with Windows Vista). Her company, SmartLuck Sales, also provides excellent tech support and user advice for anything she sells so, if you haven't already done it, shoot her an email outlining your complaints.

     If you're playing the Pick-5 game in your state, you might consider buying her book, "Lotto Wheel Five to Win," which has recieved rave reviews from the press and players alike. It contains an in-depth analysis of the Pick-5 game, and I have to admit that some of the information she provides concerning number selection would probably never have occurred to me had I not read it. At 436 pages, it's very informative; easy to read and understand. At least 200 of those pages contain five-number wheels, which allow you to manage your budget and your desired level of coverage.

     Another option would be to supplement your software with techniques from another author. As Konane points out, the filters and wheels available here at LP.com are very popular with those who have premium memberships. Arlene Meeks publishes several inexpensive e-books (which helped me to correctly predict 18, 23 and 47 on multiple tickets in last Wednesday's PowerBall drawing), and One-to-One Mall offers some simple and equally inexpensive pencil-and-paper systems (heartily endorsed by Pick-4_Master), any of which might help you gain some insight into your chosen game.

     Lottery systems, whether they're software-based or the chart-and-graph type, are designed to reduce the overall odds against you. With that in mind, it really does help to use two or even three different methods and cross-check their predictions against each other. It's really just another way of filtering your selections when two or more methods agree on whether an individual number is likely to appear in the game you're playing. The worst that can happen is that it will save you some money by reducing the number of tickets you're buying, but it's more likely you'll begin to get at least SOME of your money back when you cash in a winner now and then.

     Don't trash your software; you've already spent the money for it, so why not try supplementing it with another method before giving up on it? I've never used Lotto Pro, but if Konane says it's good, you can count on her endorsement. I've known her for a long time, and she'd never recommend anything she didn't believe is effective. Try it, or try one of my suggestions. If you haven't hit a winner in three years, you can't do any worse, but you might just find that another system which compliments your current software is the key to making it work.

     Hope this helps, and good luck ...

konaneComment by konane - September 4, 2009, 3:14 pm
Jim has some really good ideas I'd not heard of before so will look into some of those myself.

On the real cheap ..... one way I track numbers and have done so since the Georgia Lottery began is with pencil and paper. I use college rule and log in every drawing one after the other, pasting sheets of paper in sequence as required. When a number hits I search back to where it hit last and draw a pencil line connecting them. Page ends up looking like a spider web of sorts. For skips such as 10-12 being drawn I put a tiny number 11 in between those and circle it because somewhere down the line that 11 is going to hit with one or more numbers in that particular draw. When it does hit with one of those numbers, I put a pencil line to those numbers and a date where it hit. Good check and balance system. Primitive yes because I began using it before I became sophisticated enough to use a computer, much less lottery software. LOL However it does give some insight into the game in a slower format than other methods might. Good luck!!!
Comment by RGM1RAM - September 4, 2009, 7:58 pm
Thanks for the infomation folks. It definitley doesn't like Windows Vista. I play my state cash 5 game, does Lotto Pro 2009 cover that type game? I have all Gail Howard books. You know the only time I actually won any money was with the LotteryLogics strategy one time, the amount of $385, 4 out of 5 in a pick five game. maybe I should go back to that game. Anyway thank you all for your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

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