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Continental Bussiness Women's Lotto: Not a lot but a start...


Last Edited: September 14, 2009, 11:34 pm

Unfortunately, this will not be "ALL THAT" is not even a scratch but is a start...Look we could create 80,000 women in 5 years to each have 1 million dollars but someone is not going to like it and not only that they will not be bussiness owners...You know i will had been very, very happy had: 40,000 women in a period of 5 years would had: 50 million each...Also look i can't do this in 1 day it takes some time of thinking...There is the weight factor also...A women with 2 million dollars and very skinny is more wealthier than a women with 30 million dollars and fat...

Anyways i am giving you an idea where you can elaborate...

Get 6 million people per continent whether they are males or females each wanting to contribute $17 per paycheck for 7 years...It will be 19 billion dollars....YOu place the 19 billion dollars in the bank at: 6% or 7%....It should be: 1 billion 300 million dollars...With it you create a: 50 million dollar lotto ONLY for women who want to start a bussiness all this will be per year ONLY FOR WOMEN and make it MANDATORY in a statement that if something was to happen to the women mother, the DARN DAUGHTER WILL TAKE OVER AND NOT THE MALE SON....Either you allow this or you dont get no 50 million dollars...That's the price you pay for playing this lotto...And if someone tries to come up the the law crap, REMIND HIM, where the money to pay for this lotto came from; it didnt' come from no government....This is only to start a bussiness...

This is per continent and there will be 26 women winners every single year....And to make it more legal you can charge 50 cents per ticket...Let the revenue go to charity....

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