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Fried to a crisp...


Howdy all,

I'm on vacation and still have another week to go and it's a good thing I'll need it to recover. I went out fishing yesterday on the Osage and Missouri River, never caught much, their not biting right now. But I had a blast anyway and that's what it is all about. right? Was out there for 6 hours. Now, normally I have a medium to dark complexion anyway but with all the time I've been putting in at work and the extra computer work I do on the side has left me sunless for a quite awhile now and I've lighted up quite abit. In fact, way to much. Never did have to worry about getting to badly burned before. But yesterday, I fried, and I mean fried. I am fried from head to toe and as red as a fire truck. I don't hurt to much now, but then again third degree burns usually don't at first.  but I think my body will go into shock soon enough. The skin on my legs are getting so tight (or dry) it hurts to walk. Should be better in a few days though and if I don't peel (which I'm sure I will, had blisters before I got off the river) I should have a killer tan to last me a couple of years.

Wow, that rant came out of nowhere...Here's what I meant to say. 

I start this post by saying "I'm on vacation" that's why I started posting some P4 again. I have a little extra time to crunch numbers for the P4. I have posted numbers for MD, MI, GA, IL and MO. Every post has already been spent really. I've hit 3 out of 4 on all the different state's post now. As a matter of fact, I posted a P4 straight for IL tonight. I hope someone took advantage of it.

MY post are general posted around one group of numbers if I get a 3 out of 4 hit it will usually take out 3 or 4 of the combo's I have listed with it. In other words, 3 or 4 combo's will have 3 of the 4 numbers right. After that I should post new numbers but I'm getting a little lazy. I find myself not wanting to keep track of all the state by entering the data required to do a workout for more numbers so I will wait till Sunday evening when they upload new data files on the net saving me a bunch of work. I may get a couple states updated before then but probably not all of them.

Last year when I was doing this I was on a roll. I had a month there where I had 11 hits in 30 days. 8 boxed and 3 straights in the states I was posting for. Maybe this year I can beat my record.

Keep your eyes peeled and Good Luck All...

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