Olympic sacrifice.


I told ya.  This  GANGSTAPUPPETOTUSPOS goes to Copenhagen to push for the olympics in Chicago?  WITF?  If Bush had done something like this for Dallas or Houston..........  This is beyond belief,  we don't have a POTUS we have the mayor of Chicago going to get payback for his gang back in the windy city.   This act is beneath the office of the POTUS,  Jimmy Carter is starting to look better every day.  There are kids killing each other in Chicago with 6X6's he should go there and do something about that if anything.

Michele is saying they are making a sacrifice to go to Copenhagen,  gimme a break.   The cost of their mini vacation is on the order of millions! at our expense and sacrifice.  They are shameless. I call for impeachment proceedings for misappropriation of taxpayer monies immediately.


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Avatar time*treat -
The Prime Minister of Japan is with the Tokyo delegation. The President of Brazil, Da Silva, is with the Rio delegation. And both the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, and the President of Spain, Jose Zapatero, are with the Madrid delegation.
I'd say Obama's just keeping it even.
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That's right I forgot we are the world now. As a side note the prime minister of Japan says global warming may end the Olympics forever, Zapatero is a socialist twit that is a short timer, the conservatives will be back in Spain, and I hope that Brazil or Spain gets it. "A tapestry of differing communities in Chicago", what a waste of taxpayer money.   Oh yeah, the "we are the world gangsters" want to remove the dollar standard.

$5,000,000,000, 5 billion dollars yeah 5 billion of tarp straight to the pockets of GANGSTAPUPPETOTUSPOS fellow gangsters in Chicago if they get the Olympics, how great. How did they get that number? Chicago is broken and this is just what'll fix er up right.........................every budget projection for Olympic hosting has been short by several hundred percent. You can bet it'll end costing 20-25 billion dollars.
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WOW we lose again.

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