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Revisionist history


Last Edited: August 12, 2005, 9:35 pm




I'll preface this by saying we had a fairly nice T-storm today.... actually had some surface runoff for about five minutes.

I don't usually read the newspapers, but today I did.  I was interested in what they'd say about the PB winner last night.

What they said can be summarized:

1)  They didn't know who, at the time of publication, had the winning ticket.

2)  The person who has the winning ticket for 93 million advertised bucks US, if he/she takes the lump sum, will be entitled to roughly 55 million, except for the fact he won't be allow the money until US and NM taxes are paid.  Which means the actual amount the jackpot winner will receive is $36 million, US.

Makes me think it's time for some serious shakeups.  If this isn't misleading advertising, nothing is.  These lottery people are lying through their teeth and their squinty little pig eyes.  If the jackpot is 55 million, that's what it ought to be advertised as on the billboards.  And they ought to be required to add fine print that you'll be required to subtract another 20 million or so for taxes.

If you lied about such things, they'd send you to prison.  It's fraud, deceptive trade practices, and a lot else.

But because the lies are told by a pack of gangsters, a consortium of government officials and corporate highway robbers, everything's okay, hunky-dory.  After all, it's all for the betterment of all those kiddies.

I believe it's time to bring the mafia back into the numbers rackets.  Players didn't get ripped off so badly when it was run by just plain crooks.

But I've digressed.  I was going to tell you about the Jemez Pueblo recent decision to celebrate the terrors of 1680 (Pueblo Revolt), and the way they're rewriting history into something more fitting to the way they'd prefer it had happened.  Which I also read in the newspaper.

But I'll save that for another entry.








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