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A call to Jewel/Stone Women Lovers around the world...A Pet Project...


Last Edited: October 10, 2009, 10:07 pm

If you are reading this please unite with me and let's do this...Unfortunately we can't do much but we are going to do it, think of your female kids when you do this...I owe this to the comercial Mozy on TV....Dude stones are loved all around the world this is for precious stones and rare stones...Think about it as a pet project...YOu know when i do this i think of the movie: "Indian Jones"....Again unfortunately we will not be able to raise a lot of money...Dude i am doing this because the USA just slap emerald on the face by creating an 80,000 emerald scratchoff...Dude i dont know why the hell people buy jewelry for....

I will say there's got to be like 200 million jewelry/stones lovers around the world i dont know the number might be much higher dude so they make movies about it on TV and in the streets...You gather 200 million people who will like to do this they each chip in: $5 per paycheck for 3 years...it will be 72 billion dollars...We place it in the bank at: 7% it will be: 5 billion dollars coming your way every single year...With those 5 billion dollars you create a Global Jewel/Stone Lotto of different kinds of Jewels & Stones...Dude if you can raise the bar to let it pay: 100 million dollars for EACH stone/mineral every month it will be even better it will be Magnificent...It will had been better if we could do it with colors you know paint jewelrys of different colors...We should do the same with descendants of great people in the past but that will be the next blog....

you know what would had been better? if we could select things with their colors that are rare in nature and paint them in stones....That would had been better...

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Comment by pumpi76 - October 10, 2009, 10:08 pm
for crying out loud, you are standing in a piece of stone...show some appreciation...

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