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The terrors of 1680


Nice bit of rainfall last night.

Back well before the English settlements on the Atlantic coastline, the pilgrims, all that, in Mexico, then in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California, the Spaniards were busy boys carrying civilization, the Catholic religion, and rule by the Spanish monarchs into the southwest.  When Onate founded a Spanish seat of government the locals weren't overjoyed to be part of Spain, but that's how things worked everywhere in human history, and it's how things worked here.  Stronger human populations over-ran weaker ones.

For several generations things rocked along about as you'd expect.  Spaniards, tough gents, sometimes were over zealous in their rule.  Natives, operating on a somewhat different set of standards, were occasionally recalcitrant, or even bloodily cunning.

In 1680, it all came to a head.  Beginning in Taos, and San Juan Pueblos, an alliance of former enemies began a revolt, killing all Spaniards they could catch, men, women and children.  Those who managed to escape gathered in Santa Fe and withstood a long siege until an agreement was finally reached to allow them to trek to Mexico.

The retreat was a long, running fight until they reached El Paso, where they stayed for a decade until the re-conquest by Diego de Vargas.

When de Vargas returned, he was welcomed with open arms by the former rebels.

I'll explain why in another entry.




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