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Going The Wrong Way


Last Edited: August 13, 2005, 12:52 pm

I think many members are going the wrong way when it comes to posting their "predictions" in the forums.  I thought the idea was to try to reduce the number of possible combinations to play to get a win.  But I see more and more members going the opposite direction.

We have lists of twenty pairs that are going to hit sometime!!  Well duh!

We have lists of three key numbers for a particular draw.  More and more people are doing this.  Each key number covers 55 possible numbers.  Another "Well, duh!".

We have lists of 3 or 4 root sums that one of them is guaranteed to hit sometime this week.  There are only 9 (disregarding root sum 0 which is only 000) root sums.  Do you think that just maybe one of the 3 or 4 might hit this week?  Well, duh!

Almost everyone (including me today!!) that puts their predictions on the prediction page are now posting all states.  This is OK (actually I like it because of the way I'm picking numbers to bet), but it just shows that people are not really concentrating on any one state.  Yes, a few are.  You will see people talking about an overdue pair or digit, etc., but for the most part most of us are just getting out the double-barrel shotgun and letting go with both barrels hoping we hit something.

I spent many hours yesterday researching numbers to play in each individual state and draw.  I failed very badly.  I think I had one hit!  So, today I researched numbers for many states and then posted those numbers as "all states".

I would much rather think that I could find a way to pick winners in individual states, but I'm not good at that.  For that matter neither are most of us!  That's why we use the "all states" feature for predicting.  Please understand that I do the all states myself some times and I would hate to see people stop using that feature.  I use it for my bets!!  But that is because nobody has a good handle on predicting for any individual state. 

This is very sad, indeed.


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