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Last Edited: July 10, 2004, 2:06 am

when i read today that last week's megamillions win was a machine generated set of numbers ie. 'a quick-pick', it makes me more determined than ever to play my own number sets. this is not sour grapes at the 'quick-pick only' group of players who match a lottery draw and i'm always happy for those who manage to find a hit at just that right moment in time, but my numbers are just as playable and winable as anything that is spit out of a random number generator. it all boils down to the fact that as has been mentioned umpteen times ...all the numbers are in the lotto drawing machine, all the numbers on the play card can theoretically drop, all the numbers on the 'my-pick' ticket are there and ready or should i say 'able' to fall. i still virtually always approach the larger lotto jackpots on a 3 to 2 plan. i choose three of my own number sets for ever two that i let the computer select. the question for me goes beyond whether any of my number sets will hit a lotto draw. the main question that i think about while playing a jackpot game is whether it will be my selection or the machine's that match if a hit occurs. i'm still putting my trust in my own numbers and it's just a feeling that causes me to do it. i have no way to explain it. most people play quick-picks, close to seventy percent the last i heard. quick-picks do win jackpots but i can't seem to go exclusively quick-picks no matter how hard i may try and i also don't want to approach one of the higher jackpot offerings without at least a representation of computer generated sets on my five set play ticket. jackpots have been won in the past using the 3 to 2 ratio and for the foreseeable future i'm happy approaching it this way.
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