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Shark KFC: Why not...


Why dont they have it...The animal is just been wasted away all that meat....I know there's got to be a "GOOD CHUNK OF THE POPULATION" who will like Shark KFC...I was thinking what if you grow it and then kill it like a pig...And you know the meat is SO GOOD...So why haven't they created this thing...You know i heard they got "Coffee" out of an animal's poop which to me is ridiculous not saying is ridiculous all i am saying you should see the price of that Coffee...So why dont they create a: "SHARK KFC"...

why aren't the sharks grown in a Huge Stadium size Aquarium or a special man mande lake i dont know...And then we create the KFC...You know man when he needs to use his brain he doesn't uses it...You know they got Puppy Mills, plenty of the scattered across the USA, yet the shark, just running around with all that meat...Is like seeing a pig not just 1 but several of them running around without any owner...Honestly i wish they replace pigs with sharks...In the sea you can't do scientific experiments without been visited by a shark...So why are sharks there for? just to look at them...

Entry #474


x1kosmicComment by x1kosmic - October 19, 2009, 10:21 am
I've heard shark is pretty good,
Ialso heard Captain D's used to use it, then they switched to Cod
I also heard that something about sharks, is that they never develop Cancer.
If there was a Fast Food Shark chain, I'd eat it at least twice a week.
I don't eat Pork... so for me it's Beef, Chicken, or Fish.
Not a Bad idea

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