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Sunglasses that alert you what you have been eating and what you should eat next: What if


Last Edited: October 18, 2009, 11:28 pm

What if there was some sunglasses that you wore everyday and they have been keeping a track of what you have been eating and everytime you are about to eat something you are not suppose to eat they change color or alert you that you shouldn't eat that and it gives you an option of what you should eat next...A lot of the things we eat is because we dont remember that we shouldnt eat certain things...What if the government was to make them into law that everyone should wear one of those...And what if the sunglasses turn black completely everytime you are about to eat something you shouldn't...And what if it kept a record and it gave you a score that is display in the sunglasses not where you have to see but laterally that everyone can see...A sunglasses that is a camera and works wireless....What if it kept a record of how much calories you have been burning and it display it to you or you can see whenever you want to see it...Notice everyone nowadays carries their cell phone yet you can't even talk good on them and they charge it every 6 hours...Same thing here...But i am talking some cool sunglasses...

it may sound silly but it wouldnt kill to give it a try...And what kind of batteries they use? Calculator batteries have you seen them? they look like a quarter or 5 cents coin...You may say: oh the waves to the cell phone cause brain cancer, well what if you carry a strap in your chest or belly that constantly feeds your sunglasses like a belt...And noticed i said: SUNGLASSES i didnt say glasses...what if you carry some kind of auditory small "device" like the ipod but smaller, very small with a very thin cables sets that you plug into your ears and as you are walking with the sunglasses it reminds you of things you want done for the day i dont know...Remember they only remind you of stuff they dont stay with you talking all day long...Like an ipod plugged to the sunglasses...What if you was to carry a "WRIST WATCH" and it was all a kit and the wrist watch gave you a small electrical pinch everytime the sunglasses alerted the wrist watch that you was eating something you shouldn't a pinch strong enough to make you think twice before eating the food...It could be a wrist watch or a belt and what if you couldnt take the wrist watch or belt off what if someone or the government a signal wireless to the sunglasses to deactivate the lock it has so that you can take wrist watch off...This way you will eat less junk food...what if it did the same with the sunglasses where if you took the sunglasses off it will send a signal to the wrist watch which will shock you with an electrical control pinch it could also be a bracelett that goes on the hand or on the leg...Just giving you an idea that you can take a step further...It will be good if they made a movie about it first see what the public thinks...I must got a good sense of humor too ah?

i thought about this but i partly got it from the movie "Red Planet"....I also owe this idea partly too to CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta series cheating death where a guy from pennsylvania had something sown inside of him where he got shocked so much that he collapsed in the floor...and timetreat just gave me an idea also...this is a step way ahead but what if you made your kids wear this so that if you tell them take out the thrash and they dont do it you can look at a laptop that is keeping a record of your kids sunglasses video and if he didnt take out the thrash he gets shocked...LOL good imagination aint it...LOL....

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