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Just a Tip: To all Stock Market People in Canada, England, India & countries with low GDP...


Last Edited: October 22, 2009, 12:37 am

Its very simple, probably retarded too...You probably knew it you probably didnt...I didnt know it...In the USA people may say: "Thouu"...I know one thing Canada's Stock Market is not the same as the USA stock market...Anyways is very easy, probably old but i dont think "LOTS" of people know it..Specially if you have never experimented in the Stock Market and feel dubious about it...

If you have 10 million and you want to make more you could...Place the 10 million in the bank at: 5% it will be: 500,000 every single year...With it you take: $100,000 for you a year and: 400,000 every year and invest it in the stock market...You know save some money...You didnt spend anything and who know you might make more money..Just think: in 2 years you will be investing: 1 million dollars...Suppose in 3 or 4 years with that 1 million you gain 3 or 4 million more? You made progress and your 10 million is still there in the bank...And is not like you are earning a little bit you will be earning: $100,000 a year...That's better than taking the 10 million taking 5 million wasting it on it if you dont know anything and losing your money...

This goes to people of Canada, England, India & countries with low GDP...

Then they ask WHY the hell we need different levels stock markets or different levels lotto stock markets...Then they ask why we need different levels generic powerballs/lotto max..

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