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To Latinos & NonStandard English speakers in USA, England, Canada & English Lovers: A Pet Project.


Last Edited: October 27, 2009, 1:06 am

                     I dont know how this is going to be solved...But it needs to be solved...I dont know how much you are going to chip in let it be $1 or 2 dollars per month for 1 years or 2 i dont know....But you raise 1 billion 800 million dollars, place it in the bank at: 6% it will be: 108 million dollars PER year...

you see the problem is that in the darn USA 1 building or complex cost like 60 million to build...I dont know how you are going to build it, anyways you build in every town and city in America a center that teaches "how to write english" and speak english "PERFECTLY"...I am talking a "GRAMMAR ENGLISH CLASS"....And let it be as inexpensive as possible...Talking a center that cost: $25 a month, i dont know...And unlike college THIS CENTER TEACHES ENGLISH 24/7 you go in at any time you like...They got some centers that teaches english to nonenglish speakers but is only on certain cities they dont open all day close at: 4 or 5pm they are not 24 hours they dont open all week...And to all those people that come to the USA from foreign countries and can't speak any English you chip in too...Whoever is a "NON STANDARD" English speaker...And to people who will like to brush up on their English...Whatever makes you speak perfect English...There ought to be an incentive, just the same way the lotto is an incentive to people same way here i can't think of one if you can so beat it....What if there was a game, like a test lotto that you won for knowing your English...You better start showing some initiative...

You know what i was thinking you can also do? chip in $1 per month for 2 or 3 years all of you all...Raise 400 or 500 million dollars place it in the bank at 6% it will be: 30 million dollars coming your way every single year...With those 30 million dollars you create/Research the "PERFECT" TV caption translator from your language to English and Viceversa so you learn English in no time...I think TVs got caption but not translator and the caption is kind of crappy or the Nano ipod i dont know whatever it takes that makes you learn English perfectly and in no time and whatever makes you speak English pristine wise... 

I am just saying: 400 or 500 million dollars it could be more...I dont know how many of you there are in the USA....

And just so you know...People when they are talking about God in some parts of the USA they are talking about I dont know the USA or the richest guy in the world but they are not talking about GOD...Just so you know...Some kind of secret cult i dont know...

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