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The Powerball is Too Blind: It doesnt see Personality: Jeepers Creepers2


If you have been reading my blog like how i was saying: "THE LOTTO" Is too blind, TOO, TOO BLIND...It doesn't see: "Height, body mass & Personality".....

Again when the Lotto[Pick6]/Powerball doesn't see this and disregard this is devaluing human life, is saying that people are not worthed anything...I'll give you an example...In a war or combat who do you think should be rewarded the most everyone else or the people in front...The answer is the people in front...Again there are "MANY" things the lotto[Pick6]/Powerball doesn't see....Many things...It shows disregard for everyone else...And is wrong...

And i am going to say something and i will continue to say something: POWERBALL AND PICK6 is like:  "Jeepers Creepers2"....And is wrong....If you want to find another game to replace that that's what you need to do, i really dont have the answer "HOW" the lotto is going to "KNOW PLAYERS" or "GET TO KNOW PLAYERS"....All i am going to say is: "it needs to happen it needs to change"....

Entry #494


Comment by pumpi76 - November 5, 2009, 9:56 pm
You see the Lotto is important into creating a: "Lotto Stock Market"...How it will work i dont know...

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