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The Fashion Problem: Needs to be Addressed Part2


Last Edited: October 30, 2009, 5:11 pm

Listen i dont know "HOW" you are going to fix this problem because this problem is so complex, as complex as curing Poverty...This problem needs to be addressed...

Here it goes...MOST PEOPLE, wear what a selected few think is appealing or good looking...Have you noticed that people in the fashion industry where they have the models walking in the corridors "THEY" dictated what "YOU WEAR"...Is a small selected group, a handful of people...And you know what? IS WRONG...They dont even ask people if they should vote for it, they dont get the consent of the entire country....

Dude provinces, "CITIES" wear what a celebrity wears as if he was telling them what to wear, as if "HE/SHE" was YOUR KING OR PRESIDENT...Again since we are talking about a democracy and freedom right...If it was for me we will all wear a suit, the same color black or blue suit...Anyways, i dont know how you are going to solve this problem because the problem is so complex, is like solving poverty...Since we are talking about freedom right...Look i dont know some of my suggestion is: they either display on tv the different clothing and people vote to have it made into a product, or you all chip in a little gather lots of millions place it in the bank and let the interests create several companies making whatevery you like...Dude since we are talking about "FREEDOM" here..."Right"??Right??? Right???...Exactly...If as if they are telling you what to wear....You know by just lowering the price of particular clothing they make you wear what "THEY" want you to wear....

You know the clothing companies are acting as if you are working for them when is they are working for you...You know what's funny?Versache & Nautica and all of them none of them have created: "High Class Games Lotto" for high class, yet it is supposed to display a high class environment....Not even the high class companies all of them had gather and said: "Well let's us chip in [i dont know a tax something] to create this "high class" lotto/Games, only for high class people"....Right...lol

This reminds me of when you go and buy a "Mercedes Benz" you dont get it in the color you want...Yet YOU ARE THE ONE, paying for it...a used car? you can't paint it because there is not enough paint....You know how many new and used cars are out there that dont have the color the owner wish it had because lack of funds to paint the car....Right...

You know what makes me mad about fashion? That there are "beautiful" clothing and shoes that because they are out of fashion they are lost in time, forgotten "NEVER" to be "REVIVED AGAIN".....Jee how cold can you be.....Just because a "SELECTED FEW" thought we should dump it in the trash...Want o know something? I've seen women look "SUPER, SUPER, super, super hot on certain clothing and a couple of years later look super ugly with new clothing because the fashion changed...

I'll give you an example: Remember the AIRMAX95? Best tennis shoes ever...Yet are they sold today? Nope and what hurts is that they cost too much...That's just 1 example..


And what you think is going to happen 50 years from now? It hurts...

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