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Supercomputers & Parallel Supercomputers: How Beautiful they are..


Last Edited: October 30, 2009, 6:47 pm


"How BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE with their names and everything".....If we could only buy/use them today like buy them and use them....That's the problem with "Innovation"....

If we could buy them i wonder how much they will cost....

If people can buy them, more power to the people...

you know what hurts the most also? All those old computers that are thrown away, like the green panel they got? it could be used to build more supercomputers...

Those people that will like to gather chip in for 1 or 2 years collect a lot of money and let the interest pay to research how to "recover" the green panel from old computers is a very wonderful idea...Not just that but to build medium and small sizes supercomputers like the ones shown on the link, small and very powerful....It will be cool if it had different shapes..."shapes of letters, etc"....

And i was thinking about something, just for the fun of it...What if you create a "lotto" but a different kind of lotto a 3DIMENSIONAL LOTTO...How? This one is different from the regular lotto because the regular lottos are so hard...Anyways, what if you have a cube a cube a gigantic cube and in the middle of the cube there is the XYZ COORDINATE PLANE [if you remember your math], and you let a snake move inside this cube moving in different direction to any place she wishes to do, and as the snake move you beging to record the different XYZ coordinates and you let the XYZ coordinates numbers be the lotto numbers, this way the lotto will move in a systematic way and people got to find out which way the snake moved and how long and this way when they look at previous drawings they know which way the snaked had moved since the begining...Is like a lotto but is easier than the lotto way easier than the lotto...

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