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If you are "RICH" and want to throw away money: A Suggestion: Rebirth of the little side job


Last Edited: November 3, 2009, 3:22 am

I got a suggestion if you are Rich and you want to throw away money, you dont know what to do with it...I got this idea after a guy was talking to another guy and said you could make that your little side job...I was thinking, if you are "Rich" and want to throw money away i got a suggestion you could do...You could do this and still stay with your money...A suggestion...

Suppose you want to dump away 20 million dollars...Or whatever amount bigger than: $60,000...You know how they got: "Feed the children or Microlending"...I was thinking, you could put someone to "EXERCISE/WORK OUT" as their little side jobs and "NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY...Specially those people you see on the streets or people that dont have a job...Listen i would had love to talk about the USA but the problem is that the USA the cost of living is too high..."Let me use the example of Panama or MANY COUNTRIES LIKE PANAMA...

Listen a Nurse makes: $300 per month..."A NURSE"....There are people out there here in Panama who for $300 or $250 a month will cut your grass, clean your house, etc as their little side job...Well i have an idea...Remember that Women lose weight, longer than men and women salary is in any country you go less than men...So i was thinking, you know how in the "Feed the Children" Comercial they send you pictures and they tell you select your kid of your choice? Well here you can do the same thing, except that you will be giving a particular women of your choice a side job to work out/exercise to lose weight, like riding on a stationary bicycle....You know you can do the same with teenagers, specially the teenagers you see that are a little bit chubby or are starting to gain weight, you can do it with them "SPECIALLY THE FEMALE TEENAGERS"...

YOu know $60,000 place in the bank at: 6% or 5% is: $300 per month which can serve someone's salary for a period...Or how about a summer job...How nice it will be to have your summer job working out/exercising...Think about the women when you do this...For example: 20 million dollalrs divided by: $60,000 dollars...Equals: 333 women who will get a summer little side job, it could be 3 months or 6 months...And then you get your money "THAT SAME YEAR"...And you will have not wasted any money...And you will feel good you had done something to improve a "LIFE"....

This gave me an idea, what if you do your best not to gain weight, which everyone does and in the summer you get yourself this little side job and lose the weight you gained over the year and start back from "0" [ZERO] that way you dont have to burn so much weight and you can get really lean that way the following year what you gained will be less and because what you gained was really less because you was really lean before the year began means then that summer you are going to get "even leaner" and every summer you get leaner and leaner than the previous summer, to the point where you get gaunt...Thereotically speaking...This is good specially for "VERY COLD AREAS" like Canada...But your weight has to to be like: 15-20 pounds extra that you are trying to burn initially maybe there is a chance it could work with 15 to 30 pounds extra but again i am not a fitness expert...This is good if you was in school but if you work all year long is a problem...

You know you could do the same with the "Elderly" despite that it will be kind of cruel to the Elderly unless you were paying them: $300 a month or above...And even $300 a month is kind of doubtful...Like making the elderly ride on stationary bicycles....

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