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To all Males in the world: A call to your heart: Cryogenics Research Office Center


Last Edited: November 8, 2009, 4:59 am

This goes to all the Males in the world...I am making a call to your hearts: This is a pet project....I want the 3.5 billion men in the world to each one of them to chip in: $6 per paycheck for 5 years...It will be: 2 trillion 520 billion dollars...Divided by 100 countries, is going to be: 12.6 billion dollars per each of the 100 countries...Each country of the 100 countries is going to place that money in the bank at: 06% and is going to be: 1 billion 512 million dollars coming to each country every single year...With it they are going to build the: "CRYOGENICS RESEARCH OFFICE CENTER" and they are going to do everything possible see if they can come up with eventually mastering the art of cryogenizing people for millions of years...

And they are going to have supercomputers, equipment, biochemists, chemist, alchemists, scientists, biologist, everyone, etc...All into figuring out how to put someone in cryogenics and revive them...And the building is going to be rectangular looking like this:


but the building is going to be much bigger, actually much wider, very wide be like a base in each of those 100 countries and they are going to do experiments with all sorts of creatures, everything...The only problem is that i wanted the building/base to have: 5 to 10 billion a year....

One reason why i am doing this? Because can't remember where i heard it on tv but i heard it yesterday they were talking that the cross was God's signature...And i understand but the cross was the death of 1 man...And i will think that to God sorry if i sound crazy but to God the death of everyone of his children represent something bigger than the cross...God knew that Jesus was going to be O.K that he will do superb after all Jesus was and is God if you are the son of God YOU ARE GOD death or nothing can't touch you it never has been able to touch you, so to me more important to God is all of us that die each day and have all odds against us and wasnt even supposed to be here, remember Jesus doesnt need us we need Jesus he is God always has existed...So to me sorry for saying this but to me, God's signature is the cementary and the human sexual organs [testes & falopian tube] and every human cell [cloning]...That's why i am doing this...

tell me tha the cross is the "CHURCH SIGNATURE" but dont tell me that is: "God's Signature"....

You know what i was thinking?? if you was to do this for another 6 years, you could have: 3 trillion dollars...Place 3 trillion in 3 different accounts of 1 trillion then each of those 1 trillion placed in the bank at: 9% will be: 90 billion dollars a year coming to 3 more of the poorest countries in the world as their GDP each year beside the 10 poorest that i've mentioned already on my previous blogs...Teach them all of each country "mathematics" or "mathematics & science" or biochemistry, or chemistry...

Also i just thought about this...This goes to the Male Kingdom...Listen in the Male kingdom there is a lot of dissatisfaction many because there is not "Mixture" the world..This will happen in the Female Kingdom also...Because apparently the world is segregated based on features/skins and is not mixed...Well want to know something..I am going to mention an example for you all to see what i am saying...Many guys say they are not gay and this causes a resentment within the male gay community to the point of hatred...I've noticed that many people say they are not gay nor will ever think about it, yet you tell them/pay them to ride a bicycle with a very hard seat for 5 to 8 hours, THEY WILL RIDE IT...Many people say they dont believe in interacial dating or dating the ugliest women in the world YET they ride the airline planes...Many people say they will never have sex with the darkiest black women, yet you wait until they turn elderly and they will have sex with their elderly wife/partner, there are people who say they only marry of their race yet if their partner was missing 1 leg he/she will still be with her/him...Dude is one of those details is got to do with psychology...Dude if you are willing to give your life to get killed you will also give your life into marriage to the ugliest person or to whoever in this world or whoever...

Entry #512


Comment by pumpi76 - November 9, 2009, 4:13 pm
this doesnt go here but i am going to mention it..Remember when i said that perhaps depends how we eat microscopically it could affect our behavior in microseconds? Well will like to add to that that i heard on TV that the blood is not 100% blood but is mixed with stuff [impurities] like i dont know if you want to call it thrash but stuff that slows down the blood flow can't remember what they are but i was thinking that added to what you eat microscopically and the salt and "WATER" because water is not filtered 100% it has impurities so i was thinking all that added to the blood could cause the WEIGHT GAIN ghost...not only that remember that as we age our strenght weakens we dont have the same stamina causing you to become more "LETHARGIC" causing you to gain even more weight...Is only a theory...
Comment by pumpi76 - November 9, 2009, 4:17 pm
not only all this add up but dont forget the TV which is an addiction "SLOWING YOU EVEN DOWN EVEN MORE"....
Also i was thinking, if all these impurities and everything i describe is slowing the blood down that means that few blood will reach to the brain causing a small distortion in thought that with time it could grow bigger...Again just a theory...
Comment by pumpi76 - November 16, 2009, 5:54 pm
and people working at these facilities will take: 1 to 2 minutes to pray every day before starting work...Dude i dont have time to listen to your ego...This is not your child's nintendo game or your neighboor's chess game..

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